Opinions: Fact to fantasy

I read letters to The News-Enterprise everyday. Some are fact and some are fantasy, especially in regards to politics. The fantasy letters come from the trumpers. Donald Trump is the most immoral, corrupt liar that has ever sat in the White House. Yet, Republicans support him no matter what.

This letter will not change anyone’s mind as most people have already made up their mind how they will vote. Yet, this needs to be said. This may be Hardin County, Kentucky, but plenty of us will vote for Joe Biden.

I won’t vote for Biden because he is a Democrat. I will vote for him because he is the only reasonable choice. Somebody needs to remind Trump and Republicans that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are not on the ballot. Yet, they are obsessed with them.

Trump has courted the Evangelical Christian vote. Not because he is a Christian, but because they see him as their “chosen one.”

Christians lost no rights while Obama was in office and will lose none if Biden wins. The Constitution guarantees us our rights. Our country is in the divided condition that it is because Christians have lost their way.

We have seen nothing but chaos and confusion since Trump took office. He would have never won the election if the church had done it’s job. The church has lost it’s vision. What is the job of the church? To preach the gospel to the world, reach the lost and to show love to the world, not hate and condemnation. Politics have no place in the church and in the pulpit.

Christians are the only hope this world has, yet it is not shown. Jesus said Christians are salt and light and to let your light shine before men. He said we were salt and light to the world. I don’t see much salt and light.

Christians and Trump’s base are being deceived. Trumpism is like a cult. Trump is the exact opposite of what Christ is.

Vote Trump and again and you will see nothing but chaos, confusion and perhaps the demise of democracy. Don’t say you were not warned.

Gary Richardson


Time to wake up to reality

Moderate Democrats, it’s time to get woke. Your party lies with impunity, aided by an infuriatingly biased media. In a just world, Trump would be rated above 60 percent. Having been brainwashed, you’re unaware of his achievements. You love Obama, even though he was totally incompetent. I believe he gave credibility to the Black Lives Matter movment, even as their rhetoric caused numerous police deaths. Biden and Obama approve of their tyrannical behavior. Now Michelle Obama is pushing the false narrative that “white supremists” are behind the destruction.

As is evident by Biden’s slip-ups, Democrats expect, even demand the black vote. They keep black youth angry with hate speech. I believe Jacob Blake’s Dad is a racist. No wonder his son resisted arrest. I believe Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown, Rayshrad Brooks, et al, would be alive today if they hadn’t resisted justifiable arrest. Kamala Harris visited the Blakes and praised them as wonderful. The blame for these tragedies clearly lies at the feet of black leaders and liberals wallowing in “white guilt.”

Please watch the documentary “911 Boatlift.” When the Twin Towers collapsed, thousands of people were trapped at the waterfront. A call went out for all boats to come to their aid. Incredibly, 500,000 people were recued in nine hours. Nobody cared about race or politics, just saw people in need, and responded.

That is the real America, not the despicable one your party is selling. Tear yourself away from lying Chris Cuomo, and watch Tucker Carlson for a week. The truth will set you free.

Your party isn’t just playing politics. Their actions seem to arise out of pure hatred for the president and his voters.

Do you approve of that diabolical behavior? Do you love your country? President Trump does. He left a lucrative lifestyle to save us from the death spiral Obama/Biden left us in. His intestinal fortitude is amazing. Do you really think Biden could handle that pressure? It’s a disgrace that a career loser like Biden could have a chance at becoming president. If you vote for him, be prepared for buyer’s remorse.

Scott Kennedy


Lots of people doing good

I want to congratulate D. Dee Shaw on her retirement and commend her on her service to the city. She has done an exemplary job as city attorney and serving the county as well.

That said, that’s not the purpose of this letter. Her retirement just reminded me of something I have been meaning to write about this election, and gulp, it is nonpartisan. which, as the chair of the Executive Committee of the Hardin County Democratic Party, is not what I am supposed to writing before the most important presidential election of our lives.

But time has gotten away from me and I want to say this.

D. Dee’s retirement reminded me of what a great bunch of elected officials we have here in Hardin County, both Democrats and Republicans. And my suggestion is to keep what we have in office or most of them.

Elizabethtown and really all of Hardin County are great places to live. We have endured no violence or riots and shooting this summer, because I sincerely believe there is no racial bias, intentional or systematic or otherwise in our law-enforcement agencies. I genuinely believe it is not even an issue to be fixed.

I think Sheriff John Ward epitomizes what an ideal law officer should be. I am not singling out him as better – only that I have first-hand knowledge, having worked with him personally.

And it is not just law enforcement. City services and all the other “stuff” makes this a great place to live. Mayors Jeff Gregory, J.J. Duvall and all the others, city councils, court personnel and clerks, everybody, although I am not sure where to fit Danny Hutcherson, are cooperating and working together to make Hardin what it is. I proud to live here.

Now I am not suggesting everybody has to stay. I personally have a candidate for E’town City Council and one in Radcliff who I would like to see elected. The point I am making is we are in a really good place and it is because, in large, to our current elected officials and most of them should stay right where they are.

Sherry Keith Kelley


Select approachable person

I had the privilege of meeting Mrs. Julia Springsteen in the apring of 2017 when I began the process of starting my non-profit, Girl2Girl Inc. I had been given her name through a mutual friend that told about her background in law and working with many non-profits in and around Elizabeth­town. I reached out and left her a message and she contacted me within a day.

She made time to meet with me and listened to my ideas for what I wanted the core of Girl2Girl Inc. to become.

The guidance and information I received from her that day allowed me to start the process of registration with the state. Three years later, we have given out 42 scholarship in three counties and raised more than $7,000 and purchased equipment for girls who wouldn’t have had the opportunity to play because of financial hardship.

When I found out Julia was going to run for Elizabethtown City Council, I immediately wanted to volunteer again for her campaign. She is one of the most approachable people I have ever met. Her ability to sit down and listen to a concern, criticism or idea and then speak of the pros and cons while not making you feel belittled or uncomfortable is exactly what we need this day in public service.

But it’s not just my organization she has lent her talent to over the years. She started Friends of the Hardin County Animal Shelter, was a founding member of Heels Together, has co-led the Lincoln Trail Workforce Crisis Taskforce committee to remove obstacles to employment the same way – with an ear to listen and the motivation to get work done. I know she will be the same way on the Elizabethtown City Council and I am proud to support Julia Springsteen.

I urge everyone to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 3, but I ask that you vote Julia Springsteen to Elizabethtown City Council.

Eliza-Jane Cruse-McCurry


Vote to ‘get things done’

Do you want to make Elizabethtown, a quality town, even better? Join us in voting for Julia Springsteen (No. 1 on ballot) for Elizabethtown City Council.

I, Jackie, met Julia four years ago after a friend on the ECTC staff said, “You must meet her. She co-founded riends of Hardin County Animal Shelter and is an attorney for non-profits; incredibly kind, she really knows how to ‘get things done.’” All that my friend said then was true, and as time passed, she has become more involved.

So why, beyond my friend’s assessment and Julia’s resume, are we asking you to vote for her? We both believe excellence is delivered through the collaboration of team members – for example, council members. Psychologists Dr. David Rock and Dr. Heidi Grant in their article “Why Diverse Teams are Smarter,” published Nov. 4, 2016, in Harvard Business Review submit that teams which produce great outcomes are often diverse in experience, education and gender.

As her resume demonstrates, Julia Springsteen certainly would bring this diversity: She has lived in many parts of the U.S., has worked in business and law, in both profit and the not-for-profit sectors, has volunteered in disparate organizations and is a female.

Julia Springsteen will aim high to help lead Elizabethtown reach its potential. Julia will research nationally recognized “best practices” information.

She already is doing this. For example, during the campaign, I heard her answer a voter’s question by citing a National League of Cities publication describing best practices regarding financial literacy.

Finally, as we have witnessed, Julia is a very good listener. She not only “takes in what the prospective voter says,” but often asks clarification questions to ascertain that she received the message correctly. This active listening and feedback loop are essential tools for teams building trust and great outcomes.

How fortunate we in Elizabethtown that Julia White Springsteen has chosen to invest her talents and experiences in this community. Please us in voting for Julia (No. 1 on ballot).

Jacqueline Carter Gerard and Paul E. Gerard


Who’s cares for residents?

On Sept. 9, Hardin County School Board members Kay Sharon, John Emary and Ben Sego voted to increase our property taxes. Because of their votes, the tax increase was approved. This is the second year in a row the board has raised our taxes.

With all that is going on in the county, people out of work, businesses closed or on limited hours, residents struggling to pay rent or house payments and utility bills, seniors trying to pay medical bills or even put food on the table, this board has the audacity to raise our taxes for the second year in a row. That should show every taxpaying citizen of Hardin County the absolute lack of concern this school board has for residents.

This action was expected from Kay Sharon and John Emary. Ben Sego just went along for the ride, in my view, too weak as a board member to even consider opposing the others.

Dawn Logsdon is the only current board member who truly has shown any concern for the plight of local residents and home-owning senior citizens who are attempting to deal with this additional financial burden because of the tax increases.

There is a very real solution to this problem come November. Vote for Steve Bland for the Division 4 school board seat and John Flanagan for the Division 1 seat. They are running against Kay Sharon and Mark Casey, an apparent last-second replacement for John Emary. I also noticed HCEA came out to support Mr. Casey. Is there a conspiracy to ensure Mr. Flanagan doesn’t get the seat?

When Bland and Flanagan are elected as new school board members, residents finally will have a school board where all are treated fairly. All evidence and information regarding both students and taxpayers will be looked at and the needs of both finally will be determined before any decision is made on raising taxes.

For the 40-plus years I’ve resided here, I’ve watched the school board continuously spend money and raise taxes. I learned long ago that throwing money at a problem is not the answer. If it was, why is Kentucky still ranked 45th in the nation in education?

Paul Rose


Not all candidates are alike

Bill Bennett is a candidate for Eliza­bethtown City Council who deserves your consideration. I have followed the council for several years now and am convinced there are two types of candidates. Some run because of what the position can do for them and for their personal financial position and others run because they love Elizabethtown. Bill Bennett is very much the latter.

He brings a host of qualifications to the position and truly cares enough to attend all the council meetings (which is more than we can say about some incumbents) and he has the experience and knowledge to make the right decisions for our city.

Please consider a vote for Bill Ben­nett to return him to the Elizabeth­town City Council.

Alan Laslie


Challenging issues, beliefs

Let’s look at the issues, beliefs and legislation of liberal Democrats and the promises their candidates made in their debates. Let’s also look at how their proposals affect Americans and why escalating racism and blocking the return of millions of jobs from overseas is so important to Democrats.

The Democratic Party’s issues and beliefs are a reflection of our former president. Barack Obama appointed liberal federal and Supreme Court judges which enabled himself, Joe Biden, the Clintons and other liberals to legalize homosexual marriages, to abort unborn children and legalize marijuana. Obama’s talk of racism escalated the racial divide we have today.

During the Democratic presidential debates, their candidates promised open borders, free health care for all illegal immigrants, to take our guns, force churches to marry homosexuals, defund police, Green New Deal and equality for all.

God’s word states homosexuality is an abomination and he judged that sin when he destroyed Sodom and Gomorra. Abortion is wrong because God’s Com­mand­ment is “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”

Common sense tells me we don’t have a country without secure borders, which protect us from drug cartels and other criminals. Our Constitution gives Americans the right to bear arms and protect ourselves and our families. Defunding police would allow thugs to burn, loot and destroy like they are doing in Democratic-controlled cities this year. Electing radical politicians and giving them control of our land and resources definitely would be a green deal for Democrats.

Escalating racism to win votes is wrong. If news reports are correct, more black people are killed by other black people in Chicago and New York than are killed by police in a year. Thousands of black babies are aborted each year. Those lives don’t matter to liberal Democrats because those deaths will not sell racism.

Liberal Democrats had their reasons for trying to block every attempt President Trump made to bring back millions of jobs and fair trade deals from China and other countries. Keeping poor people of all colors suppressed advances entitlement, welfare and racism.

Gary Linder


Don’t settle for Fool’s Gold

Do you know the difference between real gold (valuable) and pyrite (Fool’s Gold)?

Trump’s accomplishments have added great value to America in the form of jobs created for all, especially Blacks, Hispanics and women. Trump is pro-life and for law and order.

He has not made money being president of the United States. The Clintons/Obama/Biden made millions. Anyone who wishes to discover the laundry list of Trump’s accomplishments need only look on line and see the REAL accomplishments he has made for America.

The Harris/Biden ticket is Fool’s Gold/worthless. He has been on both sides of every political issue for years and been dishonest to the maximum, aka “Lying Biden.”

Biden admitted plagiarizing in law school when 22 and dropped out in 1987 of the pesidential race at age 44 after plagiarizing verbatim language of a British politician. Now Biden is trying again as he turns 78 this November.

Biden is pro-China despite China stealing us blind for years. Lately, Joe claims he did not know his son and two brothers were making millions after flying with him to China, Ukraine, etc. and getting huge contracts despite no expertise. Come on. That is like saying the Clintons are honest, model citizens.

Harris/Biden both indicated they will give everything (health care and more) free to illegals. Biden/Harris are pro-abortion. Biden has no law enforcement/police endorsing him because he will not condemn Antifa and extremists in Black Lives Matter.

Harris is even worse. Besides being the most liberal U.S. senator, Harris was part of the revolving door to get felons out of jail immediately after being arrested during the riots in our cities. She is an integral part of the group undermining law enforcement and law-abiding prosecutors and our system of government/justice. Harris/Biden also plan to raise federal taxes and tear down the walls which keep illegals out.

A Harris/Biden presidency would be a curse for America.

All Americans should think for themselves and each one’s vote should be respected. You do not know what you will be getting with Harris/Biden but you can have a good idea – ultra liberals in charge of everything and socialism or worse coming fast.

Trump loves America and protects our freedoms.

Dump the Fool’s Gold – Harris/Biden or Biden/Harris if you prefer – and vote for the Real Gold, Trump/Pence.

Jim Weise


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I agree too, Michael.


Very well said Michael, I couldn't agree more. Truth, common sense and compromise have disappeared from politics today.


This list of comments violated this site's own rules. Be Truthful. Be Nice. The usual people get to continue to maliciously lie and deceive. The problem in America is that these people are given a public forum. They get to lie and deceive. Their opinions are written as truths, but it is their personal political and religious truths which are not truths but believe. Politicians in general lie. Promises are made to their special interest groups. They want to fire up their base by lying and deceiving about their opponents. We Americans let that happen by not pressuring our candidates to be truthful and focus on explaining why we should vote for them. Focusing on not voting for the other party is the political trap. Voting becomes a team sport where participants focus more on the perceived fouls of the opponent than the fouls committed by their team.

People do not even understand the terms in politics anymore. Conservatives vs liberals have become such a complete waste of time. In reality, the term conservative and liberal is the spectrum definition in every political party. Republican and Democrat is the political party. You would actually define members in these parties as Conservative, Moderate, or Liberal on issues. But people have actually created two new political parties. The Conservatives and Liberals. Being Republican or Democrat doesn't matter to these people because they are blinded. I am a Democrat and have both Conservative and Liberal views on different issues. Unfortunately, too many people are unwilling to accept that. But in reality, these same people do the same thing. Oversimplification of political views is what politicians want you to do and then so-called free press spoon feeds us. I am Pro-abortion because I believe in a woman's right to choose. The government and religious fanatics should not get to enslave women to have a child. You have Freedom of religion but no right to enslave someone nor force people to accept your religious beliefs. But because of my beliefs, I am labeled anti-Christian and liberal. I am a Democrat and a Christian. Those who deem it necessary to label me anything else, other then that, is wrong.

It is sad to read most of these Opinions because they are pure political propaganda devoid of many truths and facts, but that is the politics of too many in America today.

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