Call for highway safety in Rineyville

OK, folks, enough is enough. Two accidents in two days deserves mention.

I’m talking about the intersection at Ky. 220 and Ky. 1600 on the north side of Rineyville. There needs to be a traffic light at this intersection to slow people down. There is a hill right before you reach Ky. 220 on Ky. 1600 and I hope they don’t wait until someone gets killed before the government acts.

I live on Heritage Trail (across from Ky. 220) and have been just plain lucky not to be involved in an accident. There have been numerous times I have pulled out from my road only to be greeted by a speeding car and a finger in my rearview mirror.

A few years ago, highway crews cut out a hill on Ky. 1600 because of the danger that it posed. Later it was discovered that a local official lived on the side street that intersected with Ky. 1600.

I don’t expect the county to cut out the hill but it sure won’t hurt anything to put a light there. It could be a tourist attraction being the first traffic light in Rineyville.

The speed limit coming out of Rineyville needs to be changed until people pass Ky. 220. It’s posted 35 mph through Rineyville but changes to 55 mph right before you reach Trail Ridge. There also is a hill leaving Rineyville which is another accident waiting to happen.

I am asking everyone to please slow down traveling both ways on Ky. 1600 and at least give the residents on these side streets a fighting chance.

Robert McLain


Don’t hide from our disagreeable past

“Let he that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone!” 

This nonsense that we call “Cancel Culture” is more pandemic than COVID-19. How many readers out there can claim they never have done anything wrong? Have your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents all lived pure, saintly lives? If you said ‘Yes,’ you are lying to yourself. “All have sinned.” 

So, what makes some people think that they have the “right” to erase names from history? Because your “eelings were hurt by something that happened 50 or 100 or 200 years ago? Get over it. History is there to learn from, not to ignore. The best way to condemn future generations to making the same mistakes is to not educate them about past mistakes. 

To honor Christopher Columbus is not the same as agreeing with how he treated the indigenous people he found in this hemisphere. To honor Andrew Jackson, is not agreeing with his views on slavery. To honor Civil War leaders, on either side, doesn’t mean you agreed with all things in their lives. Union Army leader Ulysses S. Grant was a slave owner.

Leaders were people who lead people to a goal. Sometimes, through the lenses of history we determine the goal wasn’t the right goal, by our standards. But could you have survived in the environment they were in? Until you have “Walked a mile in another man’s shoes,” your judgment of him will only impress those who wish to not see the truth.

Across the USA, monuments and references to leaders are being removed, for no purpose other than to shut out the light of truth. End the virus that is attacking our knowledge of history.

Edmond V. Schwab Sr.


Reparations could heal divided nation

What is truth? White America needs to know the truth, nothing but the truth, about Native American history and Black history.

Native Americans and Black Americans should have gotten reparations a long time ago from the U.S. government run by white people. By force we used our guns to steal the land from the Indians and enslave Black people from Africa.

The white man thought Indians and Blacks were less than human and believed white people were far superior. Even today, Native Americans and African Americans still are treated unjustly in many ways.

To do justice would be to do reparations now for both communities. Reparations would go a long way toward healing a racially divided nation, where pervasive white racism prevailed for more than 400 years.

It is very late in coming, but now is the time to do what is right, what is just.

Paul L. Whiteley Sr.


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Another embarrassing and extremely racist letter concerning pay outs to blacks and American Indians. How is it going to unite this country by giving a race of people money but not everyone? In my opinion, this would cause more divisiveness. Also, while I know plenty of black people, I do not know any that have ever been a slave nor do I know any white people that have ever owned slaves.

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