Tips for getting to the truth

We live in an agency and co-dependent society. The decisions many Americans make are formatted on hearsay, opinion and emotion with the many forms of media being the primary means used to disseminate information.

The challenge lies in how to decipher what is being disseminated as opinion or as a fact. Government does not speak with straight talk. The primary language of government is called double speak, among other names. Double speak is used to disguise or distort information which most often results in a communication bypass.

With this being a presidential election year, the uses of double speak is very much being used. Each side, left or right, wants you to hear what is being said in a way that you will believe what they say and disbelieve what the other side says. This is politics at its best.

So what do we do to ensure that we have a true understanding of what is going on? Academically, there is a system of asking yourself certain questions about what was just heard.

With the person that does the talking (or for whom they are talking for), answer these questions:

• Who is talking and to whom?

• Under what condition are they talking?

• Under what circumstances are they talking?

• What is the intent of the talk?

• What is the purpose and expected result of the talk?

Citizens need to begin to exercise the true liberty and freedoms that are theirs.

The government is a government of the governed. The federal government was formatted to be a limited government, not in size, but in scope. Thirdly, the federal government was found on the concepts of the Rule of Law. These three things are the reason the American government is the most exceptional government in the world. As a popular radio commentator uses as his montra, “this argument cannot be broken.”

Listen, but verify through research, what is being said. Use history as our foundation. Without history, America would not be what it is today. God bless you and God bless the United States of America.

Terry O’Neil


Picture is worth 1,000 germs

There is a state mandate by the governor that all should wear masks. Schools are debating on how and when to open. Yet with all the restrictions because of COVID-19, the newspaper prints a picture of two school staff members handing out materials without gloves or masks. How do you think this is helping the spread of the virus? Even though they are outside, by handling these materials and breathing around others, they can be spreading the virus.

Sure parents want information about the school district, but this is not the correct way. Folks, use common sense.

Kathy Moore


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