Praise for post’s pandemic response

With so much uncertainty in the world today I wanted to share what I see as a consistent, caring, focused and flexible response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I would like to congratulate the Fort Knox leadership, Maj. Gen. John R. Evans Jr. and Col. C.J. King, and their teams as professional, thoughtful leaders who care about people and are fully committed to taking care of and supporting soldiers, civilians, retirees and their families.

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged all aspects of life and has unfortunately made many people take widely different positions on how to deal with the virus and the changes it has forced upon our lives. But the leadership at Fort Knox has been fully transparent and forthcoming with information by hosting multiple virtual town hall meetings. Remember that MG Evans and COL King are totally responsible for the health and welfare of everyone who comes on to Fort Knox. Fort Knox is making decisions intelligently and based on facts and they are opening services as they can as capacity, cleaning and social distancing can support.

For example, after implementing extensive mitigation measures, they reopened church services and the barber shop at Yeoman’s Hall earlier this month to all patrons, to include those in the high-risk population, and they expect to reopen select gyms to retirees soon.

Leadership is tough and sometimes the best leadership makes tough decisions that people will not like. The leadership at Fort Knox is doing the right things by limiting access to high-risk populations and reopening cautiously.

I know it is easy to say, “but it is my choice” and that may work in some places outside the bounds of Fort Knox – but once you pass on to that scared ground of a military post, the commander is responsible for you and his or her actions or inactions can have serious consequences.

Thank you Maj. Gen. Evans, Col. King and your teams for making the tough decisions, sharing the information and keeping the soldiers, civilians, retirees and families of the Fort Knox area safer.

Brig. Gen. Jim Iacocca, U.S. Army, retired

President and CEO

Knox Regional Development Alliance

More reasons to vote for change

A well-written letter supporting Amy McGrath was in the Aug. 14 edition of The News-Enterprise. I totally concur with the author’s very factual account of the need to remove Mitch and sent him home.

The differences are startling and I would add the following:

• Retired Lt. Col. McGrath is a retired highly decorated USMC fighter pilot with 89 combat missions and 20 years of experience. Mitch was discharged from the Army after five weeks at Fort Knox as he was deemed medically unfit.

• Mitch is married to Elaine Chao, the daughter of a very wealthy Chinese shipping magnate. The combined wealth of Mitch and Elaine is estimated to be at $33 million. Elaine inherited millions from her mother. McGrath receives USMC retirement pay and is married to a retired naval officer.

• Mitch has been in Congress since 1984 and has received one of the lowest approval ratings, if not the lowest, of any U.S. senator for being a total obstructionist. He has been given a chance and has failed Kentucky miserably.

• Mitch commonly is referred to as Moscow Mitch and known as a Russian asset for his attempt at blocking stronger election security after the Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election. Instead of abetting the enemy, McGrath was serving her country engaging in dangerous combat missions destroying the enemy.

• Mitch decides to send the Senate back home in the midst of a world pandemic that has killed more than 167,000 Americans without providing any virus aid could cost 4 million Americans their jobs and have a devastating impact on the homeless, hungry and sick.

There is so much more. So it is time to send Moscow Mitch to retirement and allow a patriotic, energetic retired military officer to serve in the Senate. And at the same time the mess within the beltway could really be cleansed by sending Putin’s puppet a one-way trip to Mar-A-Lago.

By voting for true patriots (Biden-Harris) and McGrath on Nov. 3, it will begin the healing process in this great country.

Allan Poikonen


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"Moscow Mitch"? "Russian asset"? More Democrat party name calling. "Biden-Harris true patriots"? You've got to be kidding me.


I appreciate and honor Ms. McGrath’s military service. However military service ( or lack thereof) has no bearing on wether a person is more qualified for public office than someone else. Being rich is not a sin. Sending Ms. McGrath to the Senate will only push America closer to socialism.

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