Trying to understand president

I pray for President Don­ald Trump and I am trying to understand him. Recently, the Tower of Babel message in Genesis 11:1-9 has been helpful. Prideful tower builders wanted to make a name for themselves but God punished them and “confused their language so they did not understand each other.” The builders became a confused mob of rabble at Babel. Perhaps that’s why we get confusing accounts about Russia, Ukraine and other critical issues.

A second way to understand the Trump phenomenon is to consider his towers and his $130-plus million in international investments in 25 countries which he and his family visit now at government expense. Consider these factors:

• Vladimir Putin’s powerful influence over Trump and the nearly complete Repub­lican support of Putin’s Ukraine conspiracy theory. Answers: a Moscow Tower deal is pending including a free $50 million penthouse for Putin. Russian oligarchs previously bailed out Trump’s failing U.S. businesses.

• Trump brings a few troops home so Turkey can invade Syria and our Kurdish allies can be abandoned and displaced. Answer: Two Towers now are in Turkey.

• The Saudi murder of U.S. reporter has been unchallenged by the U.S. while Trump sends 1,800 more troops to help Saudi Arabia? Answer: The Saudis pay $40 to $60 million annually in rental fees at Trump U.S. hotel facilities.

• The U.S. withholds military aid to Lebanon and endorses Israeli settlements on Palestinian land. Answer: a possible Jerusalem Tower.

• North Korea increases nuclear capabilities unchecked. Answer: Trump World is in South Korea and new possible Trump developments are in coastal North Korea.

The psychological terms of Carl Jung are helpful. Trump functions primarily out of the unconscious or “shadow side of his personality,” without a functioning conscience. In turn, he appeals to the dark or “shadow side” of followers, both wealthy and those with middle or lower incomes. Thus, supporters who hope for their own future prosperity can excuse Trump’s behaviors.

Let us all continue to pray for the president and let us all do our very best to defend our nation and constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Jack Morrison


When did our greatness cease?

I would like to hear from President Donald John Trump’s lips what “Make America Great Again” means. He should tell us when America lost her “greatness.”

Now, Trump sometimes wears a “Keep America Great” cap. Is he suggesting that America has restored the greatness it once had and did it in three years under his presidency?

President Trump, tell the American people honestly (no B.S.) why our seriously divided country is better off (great again) since you became president in 2017.

Obviously, Trump will not answer these inquiries, but perhaps Kentucky’s U.S. senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, who are Trump enablers, will answer them.

Paul L. Whiteley Sr.


Impeachment sounds like big ad

Is what I am observing impeachment or one big political ad for the 2020 election? It is obvious a vote for impeachment can pass in the House but it is equally obvious that a vote for removal in the Senate is not a sure thing. So are those in the House using tax dollars and valuable Congressional time for a political ad?

Just a thought.

Donald Baker

Vine Grove

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Where did Mr. Morrison dream this stuff up?

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