Thwart attack on America with truth

We shall again celebrate Presidents’ Day today which honors two of our greatest presidents, George Washington, our first president under the U.S. Con­stitution and called the “Father of our Country.” and Abraham Lincoln, known as “The Great Emanci­pator” because he freed the slaves in America.

Today some know nothing of the history of these two great men. Their statues have been toppled and/or vandalized in some U.S. cities. There seems to be a lack of respect for leaders who sacrificed their time, fortunes and even their lives for our country.

Some want to rewrite U.S. history to the detriment of our country and its future. There are many among us who wish to undermine our country by twisting facts into half truths. One such example is the 1619 Project (of 2019) which is now taught in many schools and which falsely claims among other things that the Revolutionary War was fought to preserve slavery.

Many scholars/historians have objected to the project’s distortion of American history. The President’s Advisory 1776 Commission in January 2021 released “The 1776 Report” whose purpose is to “enable a rising generation to understand the history and principles of the founding of the U.S. in 1776 and to strive to form a more perfect Union.”

Joe Biden took it down from the White House website on day one of his administration. Evidently, Biden prefers a distorted history of the U.S.

The report addresses the challenges to our principles by slavery, progressivism, fascism, communism and racism/identity politics. The report is available online and is 41 pages of facts and not fiction. Every American who loves truth, whether a student, parent, grandparent or ordinary citizen should read the report. Our country is worth saving.

The ongoing attack by the left needs to be thwarted by the truth. We owe this to ourselves and

to the memory of such great leaders as Washington and Lincoln. Our freedoms are under attack. Never take a knee. You disgrace yourself and play into the hands of the socialists/communists.

Wake up, America. Stand up for our freedoms.

Jim Weise


Looking for like-minded burley growers

The court-ordered dissolution of the Burley Co-op is nearing the last stages of the legal process. I hope all potential class members have submitted the required documents.

The information notice sent in December set the deadline as Jan. 29 to submit those documents. A “Fairness “ hearing to allow objections to any part of the mediated settlement as well as comments on the potential 25 percent reward fees to the plaintiffs’ lawyers will be held Feb. 24. The deadline to submit comments was noticed to be Jan. 29 as well.

Several letters of objections have been received by the court. Per the proposed settlement an amount of $1.5 million is to be gifted from each Coop member’s personal asset portion to go to yet an unnamed new organization for advocacy of burley and dark growers. All members will be assessed this portion – approximately 7 percent of your potential payment from remaining coop assets – it will be several hundreds of dollars in any event taken from you.

You will no longer have any claim to your money or its use if this is allowed to continue. It appears the initial directors will be nearly the same as the current co-op directors. Many growers object to this taking of their personal portion especially since the Council for Burley Tobacco already does the needed advocacy work since 1971. All retired growers (approximately 75 percent of the potential class) will suffer this deduction as well with obviously no hope of any returns.

A lawyer, Hank Graddy, has been engaged to speak on behalf of anyone that objects on Feb. 24 at the hearing. You don’t have to attend nor will it cost you any money. His retainer has been funded by me personally to date. If you wish to be included in his list of objecting growers, please send your name/address to myself or his office as soon as possible. Phone calls are welcome to me at 859-948-6281.

Roger Quarles


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Independent Mind

American Historical Association has this to say about the The 1776 Report: "The report actually consists of two main themes. One is an homage to the Founding Fathers, a simplistic interpretation that relies on falsehoods, inaccuracies, omissions, and misleading statements. The other is a screed against a half-century of historical scholarship, presented largely as a series of caricatures, using single examples (most notably the “1619 Project”) to represent broader historiographical trends.

The sections on the founders envision godlike men who crafted documents that asserted “universal and eternal principles of justice and political legitimacy.” Ironically, the report erases whole swaths of the American population—enslaved people, Indigenous communities, and women—the way the founders excluded those groups from the body politic in a wide variety of founding documents as well as actual public practice. In listing threats to the ideals of the nation, the report ignores the Confederate States of America, whose leaders, many clearly guilty of treason, initiated a civil war that claimed more than 700,000 lives—more American lives than all other conflicts in the history of the country combined. Instead, the authors focus on early 20th-century Progressive reformers and bizarrely suggest they were similar to Mussolini and other World War II European fascists. Of particular note is the implied condemnation of Progressive Era legislation—workplace health and safety legislation, regulation of the production of food and drugs, the elimination of child labor, and other social goods we take for granted today."

Read more:


When I was in high school, US history was a lifeless subject, propaganda, devoid of any interesting content, like 'The 1776 Report'. History should be more than indoctrination; a discussion of some of our warts would make it more interesting. The USA is number 1 in incarceration, covid19 deaths, military spending, and the number of billionaires. We have attempted to forcibly export our brand of rabid capitalism to Venezuela and Iran so that we can steal their oil, just as we stole the labor of the black slaves.


Excellent article Mr. Weise. The problem with a lot of people today is that they simply can't accept fact. As far as Joe Biden taking down the factual 1776 Report and replacing it with outright lies like the 1619 Project simply reinforces Biden's goal to "Make America Venezuela Again."

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