What do you want in a president?

In thinking about the upcoming presidential election, I want to let people know what I am looking for in a president.

I want a president who represents all the country.

I want a president who presents a dignified image for Americans and to the world.

I want a president who refrains from inappropriate language and name calling.

I want a president who respects my right to disagree in a reasonable manner.

I want a president who is a public servant, not self-motivated.

I want a president who respects all people.

I want a president for America.

Barbara Watts


Conditions on Dixie seem extreme

Why are the northbound lanes of Dixie Avenue from the Roses at Helmwood Plaza until the Golden Corral in Elizabethtown so terrible with holes and bumps? It is extreme.

All the turnarounds are being done. When are they going to fix this?

Joanne Lancaster


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Correct Mr. Wildcat. You nailed it.


Excellent letter Mrs Watts, all great qualities of a good president. All qualities that our current "president" sorely lack. The choice is clear in November. I just hope the current regime is stopped in their continuing attempts at voter suppression, cheating and undermining the election process. We all see what they are doing but only the brave call them out while others are sheep following the wolf to slaughter.


Then obviously you will be re-electing President Donald Trump because you described him perfectly. What I don’t want in a President is someone who is racist, stupid, a coward, corrupt, biased, a traitor to the country. That is why I will not vote for stupid Joe. He probably doesn’t even know he’s running for President.

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