Questioning tax proposal and employment contract

I was a little surprised in the LaRue County Herald News when I read the headline “Resident asks school board to consider adding nickel tax.” The surprise immediately went away when I found out that the “resident” was a teacher. In fact, a more precise headline appeared in The News-Enterprise the very next day: “Teacher asks LaRue school board to consider nickel tax.”

The teacher went on to make obscure comments about “flexibility” and the ever present guilt trip “we need to provide … our own kids of the best possible things.” Apparently this individual has not been paying attention to the rising tax rates and property assessments for the last few years in this county.

It is extremely hard for me to understand that, with the enormous tax hikes and considering the rise in property assessments, that this school system should need an even higher tax rate. They have made assurances over the past several years to increase the school system’s revenue of 4% every year. I challenge anyone to tell me of any personal or business entity that guarantees themselves a 4% increase in revenue every year. In my own personal and professional life, I never was guaranteed a 4% revenue increase every year.

In the very same news article, the LaRue County school board voted to award a $40,000 per year contract to a “media director,” whatever that is. I’ll admit that he does write an article for the newspaper once a week. Would someone please explain to me how this contract helps educate our children? I don’t think that I’ll have any takers.

Was this entire meeting orchestrated? Could this entire stunt be a trial balloon? Stay tuned.

Lanny Vincent


Stuttering Foundation has news for employers

As businesses and organizations continue to struggle with staffing shortages, the Stuttering Foundation unveiled some good news for employers. According to speech experts, people who stutter tend to show significantly better than average care and perseverance in completing their workplace responsibilities.

Stuttering is often misunderstood. As a result, employers may mistakenly pass over qualified candidates who stutter. Now is a good time to hire more people who stutter in the workplace. One% of the population stutters — that’s 3 million people in the U.S.

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Jane Fraser, president

The Stuttering Foundation

Memphis, TennesseeWhat is the crux of greenhouse gas science?

At 93 million miles from the sun, 1,365 watts of energy reach the earth 24/7. At the top-of-the-atmosphere, there is enough energy to heat an object to 248°F. That is why the International Space Station is wrapped in a shiny metallic skin to reflect away sunshine and has two redundant A/C systems to keep the astronauts from baking to death.

Global Warmers claim that a small portion of this sunlight reaches earth’s surface. They calculate this amount by assuming the earth is a flat disc. Since a disc has one-fourth the surface area as a sphere of equal diameter, it was necessary to reduce the incoming sunlight by a factor of four. To account for the sunlight reflected away by clouds, snow, ice and dust particles, it was reduced by another 30%. This left only enough energy to heat the surface to 0°F.

The U.S. Standard Atmosphere for earth’s near-surface temperature is 59°F. To account for the missing heat, it was necessary to invent the greenhouse effect, whereby carbon dioxide, 0.04% of the atmosphere, traps, amplifies and beams down to the surface the missing heat.

When treating the earth as a sphere, 40.6% of the incoming sunlight is spread evenly across its curved surface; this amount is reduced by 30% for reflected energy leaving enough energy to heat the surface to 59°F, without any greenhouse effect.

This is the crux of the issue. Do you think the science is settled?

George Tomaich


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"I challenge anyone to tell me of any personal or business entity that guarantees themselves a 4% increase in revenue every year".

The US military budget increased by 7.5% per year from 1998 to 2011. This was well after it had been shown that neither Iraq nor Afghanistan were threats to our security. The real threat is Americans who are willing to spend endless sums to make enemies abroad while neglecting public schools that could teach kids how to read the news.

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