Impeachment has no probable cause

After working so hard to get President Donald Trump impeached by the House, why is Nancy Pelosi holding back on the impeachment papers instead of sending it all forward to the Senate trial? It doesn’t mean a thing until she does.

Nancy Pelosi and her minions claim President Trump used the power of his office to attack a political opponent. Neither Democrats nor Repub­licans have had a primary election for the 2020 General Election yet. Trump’s actual 2020 election Democratic Party opponent hasn’t been officially identified. This concept is therefore counterfeit.

“Fruit of the Poisonous Tree” is when a piece of evidence in legal proceedings is either improperly collected or handled, becomes inadmissible in court and it’s “probable cause” value becomes null and void. The infamous Russian dossier used to attain FISA warrants to investigate President Trump was determined to be invalid which makes those warrants, any evidence collected by way of those warrants and any activity sanctioned by those warrants also invalid.

During the House hearings, President Trump was neither afforded opportunities to confront the FBI anonymous leaker nor allowed to present witnesses in his behalf. Under those conditions, it wasn’t going to serve justice to appear in front of that body so he declined to do so. Trump had presidential work to do.

Adam Schiff should be prosecuted for perjury, his pension forfeited and fined a hefty amount for his part in this charade.

Harry M. Braxton Jr.


Electoral College serves a purpose

“You are entitled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts,” should be the new motto in defense of the Electoral College and in opposition to those who wish to abolish it. Since the 2016 U.S. presidential election, there have been more attempts to eliminate the Electoral College and less attempts to actually understand its purposes.

The Electoral College, a body of U.S. electors that meet every four years to elect the president and vice president after each election, was established by Article II, Section 1, Clause II of the U.S. Constitution. Before establishing the Electoral College, founding father and future president James Madison originally was in favor of deciding presidential elections strictly off the popular vote. Madison soon realized mathematically a less populous South would have no role in deciding U.S. presidential elections. The Electoral College then was instituted as a compromise of fairness to both northern and southern states that assured each part of the country that, yes, “Every vote counts.”

Today, the situation is essentially the same. If we bypass the Electoral College, the votes of smaller, working-class, Rust Belt states will no longer matter.

Thanks to the Electoral College, votes of poor people in smaller, less wealthy states matter equally with the votes in large, rich and industrial states. With the abolishment of the Electoral College, the voices through votes of the poor and middle-class will be lost as well.

Let’s not let that happen.

Brandon Strassell


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"Trump against U.S. law and International law assassinated an Iranian General on Iraqi soil that America is a guest in and murdered 24 Iraqi civilians. At first, the world was told the attack was to prevent an imminent attack. Then we Trump could not provide evidence to support the need for the attack Trump claims it was just the right thing to do. Thus violating the laws. Currently, all conservatives in D.C. are in violation of their oaths." What an embarrassment.

When Seal Team members killed Osama Bin Laden, in a foreign country, Pakistan; all Americans applauded for killing a terrorist. When President Trump ordered American forces to kill the terrorist Solimeni, on foreign soil, Iraq; the radical left whined like a bunch of whipped pups and called it an assassination. Do you see the two faced hypocrisy? But what's really sad about it is the fact that the Democrat boot licking news media fell right in with the radical left. Lie after lie. There was exacting, viable intelligence that this terrorist was planning other attacks. The comments that President Trump made up other excuses is a flat out lie. I just thank God that we had a President that was decisive and didn't let the attack on our embassy in Tehran turn into another Benghazi or Iran hostage crisis.


Harry M. Braxton only posted your opinions based on half-truths. The Mueller investigation was deemed valid. And Trump still has future legal problems in relation to the investigation. He and his son lied about the Trump Tower meeting. Trump lied about the Stormy Daniels scandal. Trump's lies over hundreds of situations are on hold until after his presidency. Also, he still has hundreds of lawsuits and criminal investigations awaiting him after his Presidency. American States and International criminal investigations.

But Trump has a plan in my opinion. Trump can not escape everything. So he has sold America out. Trump can not get a bank loan in America. He lied too many times. But he moved his banking needs overseas. Trump received billions in loans from foreign banks that are backed by Russia. Trump's current foreign policy is to pull the U.S. from the middle east and let Russia move in. Trump has already lost Turkey. Russia moved in. Syria allowed Russia in and Iran. Trump just got America kicked out of Iraq. Currently, Trump is trying to blackmail Iraq to allow the U.S. to stay. He irritated every nation in the world over Iran. Trump against U.S. law and International law assassinated an Iranian General on Iraqi soil that America is a guest in and murdered 24 Iraqi civilians. At first, the world was told the attack was to prevent an imminent attack. Then we Trump could not provide evidence to support the need for the attack Trump claims it was just the right thing to do. Thus violating the laws. Currently, all conservatives in D.C. are in violation of their oaths.

So Trump abandons the middle east to Russia control. He is abandoning Africa to terrorist and Chinese control. He abandoned South Korea and the South China Seas to China. Now thanks to his insults and violations of international policies and threats. The UK and the EU are canceling treaties with Trump. Trump planned to alienate all of America's allies and allow Russia and China to profit. Once he has caused enough damage Trump and his clan will defect to Russia with billions of dollars. Leaving the conservative party to burn.


The letter above by Mr Braxton is big on republican talking points but short on facts. The republicans had chances to call witnesses, the only ones not allowed were the whisleblower that has legal protections and Adam Schiff who has nothing to do with the crimes and cover up committed by trump. Mr Trump had his chance to allow his lawyer to call witnesses and question the witnesses during the public hearing phase but refused to do so. Mr Trump was even offered the chance to testify but refused. The only defense offered by the republicans to this point is that the whole thing has been a sham and unfair etc.. As evidenced by Mr Braxton's letter above. The republicans claim no evidence exists to prove the president guilty or that he committed an impeachable offense yet show no proof he is innocent. If trump is so innocent why is he blocking all witnesses and documents from being seen and heard. If the republicans can impeach Bill Clinton for having a consensual sexual affair with another consenting adult where no laws were broken yet see the actions by trump as ok, there is something wrong with their moral compass. The 3 modern day impeachments were 2 republicans and 1 democrat. The 2 republicans were both caught breaking the law trying to cheat in upcoming elections. The 1 democrat got caught cheating on his wife. Let that sink in for a moment.. Trying to cheat in the elections -vs- cheating on his wife....


Charles, your comments abound with falsehoods. First of all, the whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella was coached by Adan Schiff and his staff in order for Ciaramella to write the complaint. That's why they wouldn't testify. Schiff set it all up. Trump, representing the Executive Branch, was not required to call witnesses or allow witnesses to testify just like Barack Hussein did not allow Eric Holder to testify concerning the Fast and Furious scandal. Remember, that's when Obama and Holder sold guns to Mexican cartels in hopes that gun manufacturers and gun owners here in the U.S. would be blamed for violence in Mexico. Unfortunately, a Border Patrol agent was killed with one of the Obama/Holder guns. Holder, because he wouldn't testify under Obama's orders, was later found in contempt of Congress. The first person to ever be found in contempt of Congress. Remember? Hussein should have been impeached for that one.

Another falsehood is that Bill Clinton was impeached because he lied to Congress not because he had an affair. He broke the law. Plain and simple. He lied to Congress. Another falsehood is when you state that Trump broke the law. He did not. In fact the articles of impeachment do not state or claim that he broke the law.

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