Our rights are at risk in Kentucky

I have a relative who is a clinical psychologist with 40-plus years of experience. We recently were discussing the current demeanor of people with regards to their interaction with others.

He says over his years there has been a slow deterioration of respect between individuals. One of the prime reasons, he thinks and hears, is people’s frustrations from loss of individual freedoms. A prime example he points out is a Home Owners Association.

If you are a political junkie and gun owner, you are painfully aware of the governor of Virginia threatening the ultimate loss of individual freedoms – loss of your 2nd Amendment rights. It appears both houses of the state legislature are majority-controlled Democrat and the governor is the same. So now they are joining the DNC narrative of total gun control legislation up to and including police and National Guard raiding your home for “banned” weapons.

Can’t happen here in Kentucky you say? You might want to check Kentucky Legislature 2020 Prefiled Bill Request 342 sponsored by George Brown Jr. a Democrat from Fayette County. It’s rather lengthy but buried at the end is the following: create a new section of KRS Chapter 237 to require the state police to promulgate administrative regulations relating to the licensing of persons to possess handguns and assault weapons, the registration of handguns and assault weapons, and the logging of firearms and ammunition sales effective Jan. 1, 2021; amend KRS 532.025 to conform; amend KRS 237.115 to conform; repeal KRS 65.870; emergency; some provisions effective Jan. 1, 2021.

Of particular note is the emergency declaration.

Why are Democrats so obsessed with controlling every aspect of our lives? Since Kentucky Republicans control both the House and the Senate this Democrat-influenced ignorance better remain just what it is, a “request.” But the fact remains, that cancerous liberal mentality has found its way to Kentucky.

Chuck Carey


Opinion seen as pledge to do nothing

If one required a case study in how our rights as citizens are eroded, I would point you to the recent column by Hardin County Judge-Executive Harry Berry as Exhibit A. After beginning his column with a defense of the 2nd Amendment, both as a Constitutional and a practical matter, Berry makes clear his intent to do nothing. His solution: Urge residents of his county to continue to engage in the same behavior that has led to the erosion of their rights for generations.

Berry subsequently makes claims that are either untrue or demonstrate his inability/lack of desire to interpose himself on the residents’ behalf. He believes “it would be unlawful for the county to impose requirements on local law enforcement to not enforce a duly-enacted federal or state law – even if we do not agree with the law.” He states this, as he continues to ponder how “immigration sanctuary” cities can be legal. Further, there are countless localities, in Kentucky and nationally, that do exactly what he theorizes is illegal. Berry’s county neighbor does not enforce minor marijuana and paraphernalia possession laws, in addition to prohibiting county law-enforcement cooperation with immigration agencies.

It appears to be Judge Berry’s position that the people of Kentucky are to surrender to the wills of politicians. I am reminded of English writer J.R.R. Tolkien’s quote warning us “the most improper job of any man, even saints, is bossing other men. Not one in a million is fit for it, and least of all those who seek the opportunity.” Bluntly, with friends like Judge Berry, those attempting to preserve their rights of defense and property (in this case firearms) do not need enemies.

As a reminder to Berry, and my fellow Kentuckians, the people are the authority. History has shown voting alone does not suffice. On Jan. 20, we observe a holiday that embodies that fact. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. struggled against state and county officials who shrugged and said “the law is the law.” Perhaps it is time to say “I won’t comply.”

Scott Braden


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Scott Braden in case you have not been paying attention you are not the majority. You do not comply with the law you go to jail or you are to pay a fine. The majority of Americans want certain guns off the market and mega ammunition clips. Blaming politicians because of they listen to the majority is rediculous. They are listening to the majority of the people.



Infringe: act so as to limit or undermine; encroach on

What a direct word. Easy to understand. Easy to define.

The second amendment has the same word in it:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

If the politicians you support make a decision to "infringe" then they violate the constitution. If they want to change the constitution then there is a process for doing it but it will never get changed.

Michael will you please stop being a serial infringer and learn to live in our country versus being an advocate for tearing it apart.


Dono: Your last sentence says it all.

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