COVID choices reverberate in economy

Last month, I wrote a letter to the editor about just how bad our economy had gotten because of the Wuhan virus and by the poor leadership of this nation’s Democratic governors. Well, things finally are starting to turn back around as 2.5 million jobs were added back to the economy in May. While a 13.3 percent unemployment rate still is unacceptably high, the fact that retail sales have jumped more than 18 percent shows we are back on the road to recovery.

This is despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to create panic and Democratic governors such as our own Gov. Andy Beshear trying to keep a tight grip on their new power.

Contrary to what one writer recently advocated, President Donald Trump did not order a “one size fits all” top to bottom closing of our economy. Instead, he gave general guidelines to the governors and worked with Congress to get aid for this crisis.

While the Republicans worked to balance public health and personal liberty, Democratic governors ordered draconian measures while saying to their citizens, “This is for your own good.” And how has this worked in Kentucky? To date there has been 13,630 Wuhan cases with 524 deaths or about what we would from the regular flu virus. And most of those who died were already ill in nursing homes.

Yet now Kentucky’s unemployment rate stands at 15.4 percent. After months of waiting for benefits that hadn’t come, thousands went to Frankfort from June 16-19 to demand help. In response, Gov. Andy Beshear opened one office in Frankfort to deal with the crowds and then tried to shirk his responsibility for this by blaming former Gov. Matt Bevin.

Didn’t it occur to Gov. Beshear that this might be more important than a statue of Jefferson Davis? If the governor had given us the same free leave he and Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer gave the rioters and looters in Louisville, we could all gone back to work.

Here’s another thought. If Gov. Bevin had been re-elected, would we be having the same problems we are now?

Patrick McElvaney


Re-examine statistics and the whys

The killings of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arberly were travesties – totally unjustified. Half a year’s gone, and there’ve been four cases of a white cop killing an unarmed black man. In 2019, there were 41 unarmed killings. 31 were white, 10 were black. Of the 10, six officers were cleared, two were charged. That’s out of millions of confrontations. This is systemic racism? Liberals sweep statistics like this under the rug. They can’t handle the truth. They distort facts, because they can’t challenge Trump’s undeniable success. They always play the race card. It’s the only card in their deck.

They’re tearing the country apart with their exaggerated depiction of rampant police abuse. The damage to property, let alone lives, even by minority businesses, is just collateral damage.

Do you know who David Dorn was? He was the black retired police officer killed by a black looter while defending his friend’s store. I doubt if you heard that on CNN or MSNBC.

Barack Obama gave the group Black Lives Matter undeserved credibility. They arose out of Ferguson, Missouri, riding the false narrative “hands up, don’t shoot” to the max.

If educated blacks want to learn the truth about where blacks stand in our current economy/culture, watch the two-part series by Mark Levin, which aired June 7-14, called “Life, Liberty and Levin.” His guests, all highly educated blacks, who lived through the “justified” racial turmoil of the ’60s, have a real-world view of opportunities for blacks.

Dr. Shelby Steele, Dr. Carol Swain, Prof. Bob Woodson of the 1776 organization, which also includes Dr. Wilfred Reilly of Kentucky State University, all shared a common theme. The only thing holding blacks back is a consistent refusal to take responsibility for their own lives.

Dr. Steele said he’s exhausted with the perpetual “victimhood” mantra pushed by black “leaders.”

It’s much easier to blame “white privilege” than to expect young blacks to get an education, learn a marketable skill and be a productive member of society.

Scott Kennedy


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Mr Kennedy i have a few disagreements with your letter and some agreements as well. First the disagreements, Trump has been a failure and corrupt from day one. I do believe racism does exist today in this country is it systemic or just historic i'm not sure but i do know it is there. Do the police unfairly target black people, in some areas i think they do and in some courtrooms i believe so as well especially with drug offenses. It has be widely studied that compared side by side black defendants routinely get longer jail terms than white defendants for the same offense. Just stating what the studies show. Now for agreements, Are the police out to get all black people NO, The police have a difficult job and do it well. I admit i hadn't heard of the 1776 organization, but i did research it. I think you meant the 1776 project though, the names you mentioned are on the 1776 project. I read some of the articles and essays they had posted and found them informative and presented good points. It gives a good counter discussion to today's issues. I found it interesting that they were a counter project to the 1619 project. I also looked up that project and disagreed with their basic premise. So it was a good research exercise. I also agree that some, not all use the racism card to blame others for their own failures and shortcomings. Especially in the workplace arena, weather that's not getting a job or getting fired for not doing their job. I also agree that personal responsibility or lack thereof is an issue in today's society. I feel that has been declining over the last 20 or 30 years for what ever reason. A lot of it is because the government stepped in and said spanking kids is abuse, kids can determine their own fate etc. When i was growing up in the 60's you got you butt spanked for doing things wrong. If you were caught by your neighbor, you're neighbor could spank you as well. That's where the break down started. When discipline at home and in schools was criminalized by the government. Now the generations that have been raised under that philosophy are the ones rioting, looting destroying property just to be doing it.


Nailed it, Fellows. Great job. Nothing but facts.

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