Groupthink drove economy into gutter

In my previous letter, I predicted things would get worse for our economy. Well, it has.

On May 21, reported there were 2.4 million new jobless claims with about 38 million unemployed due to the state mandated shutdowns. Last month, the Courier Journal reported the pain is being felt in Kentucky as thousands have not been getting their unemployment checks. Nor are they able to get through to the unemployment office as those phones are unmanned.

Meanwhile, Gov. Andy Beshear holds his daily pep rally with the press and hasn’t missed a paycheck. Our governor loves to tell us how “We are all in this together” and his lockdown is based on science. Really?

Perhaps he should read the Real Clear Politics article May 21 by Yinon Weiss, “How Fear, Groupthink Drove Unnecessary Global Lockdowns.”

It seems the model used to predict this pandemic’s effects was faulty at best. The March 16 report by UK Imperial College epidemiologist Neil Ferguson predicted this virus would have a mortality rate of 2 to 5 percent which caused the U.S. and other nations to lockdown their economies.

Had anyone bothered to check out this self-proclaimed expert’s previous predictions, they might have guessed his claims were over the top. In 2005, he predicted 200 million would die worldwide from the bird flu – 455 actually did. In 2009, he said 65,000 would die in the UK from the swine flu. The actual count was 392. Is it surprising to find his estimates for COVID-19 of 2 million deaths for the U.S. and 500,000 for the UK to be overblown as well?

Meanwhile, Sweden has not shut down its economy. Rather than the 90,000 deaths predicted by that nation’s Uppsala University, there have been 3,500 to date.

Given what we have been told and what actually has happened, maybe it’s time to start thinking for ourselves.

Pat McElvaney


Upset by efforts of progressive leaders

I’m ashamed of my country.

Not the honest, God-fearing conservatives fighting for our traditional values. It’s the “progressive” lunatics dominating Fake News stations. Perfect example: Nancy Pelosi. This self-centered pariah is a committed baby-killing compulsive liar, knowing no shame. She’s made a mockery of the House of Representatives.

The source of her derangement: Donald Trump. After 3½ years of failed attempts to discredit a fair election, she still can’t explain to her base how “Queen” Hillary Clinton didn’t ascend to the throne.

Pelosi let Adam Schiff destroy any credibility in the impeachment process. That was after the catastrophic Mueller Report bombed. She’s assigned the “Nepotism Queen,” Maxine Waters, in charge of distributing the COVID-19 stimulus funds – strangely akin to putting the fox in charge of the hen house. She’s presented a $3 trillion relief package so full of pork, it squeals when you pick it up.

Scary thought: This 80-year-old is third in line, behind Trump and Pence.

She’s discounted Tara Reids accusations against Biden, as apparently most liberals have, putting the #MeToo movement on ice. This after crucifying Brett Kavanaugh with no verifiable evidence.

Why am I picking on Pelosi? Simply because I believe she typifies the Democratic Party’s leadership – without ethics or a moral compass. They will lie, cheat and steal votes to win an election. Their thirst for power is ravenous. Why can’t their voters see that?

I’m reminded of a scene from the movie “A Time to Kill.” The attorney played by Matthew McConaughey reveals details of the rape of an 11-year-old-black girl by two white racists. He has the jury in tears, then flips the script, asking “what if she were white?” How would the Barack Obama lovers react if he was crucified 24/7 by the press with no verifiable crimes? I think we all can envision the resulting mayhem.

Do liberals want this country run by the likes of Pelosi, Schiff and Chuck Shumer? I think it’s past time for you to sniff the smelling salts and clear your heads.

Scott Kennedy


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Linda did you actually read and research that report at all? There are several problems with that report. The findings are not conclusive just probable. They did narrow it down to a PROBABILITY of 45000 duplicate votes cast. Not verified voter fraud cases. The second issue is the study was conducted by the Government Accountability Institute a far right conservative think tank. here's how it is described on the internet.

The Government Accountability Institute (GAI) is a conservative nonprofit think-tank[3] located in Tallahassee, Florida.[4][5] GAI was founded in 2012[6] by Peter Schweizer and Steve Bannon with funding from Robert Mercer and family.[7] Schweizer serves as the group's president.[8] The group is known for pushing conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton in 2016, as well as conspiracy theories about Joe Biden before the 2020 election.[9]. Another far right conspiracy theory website that you try to use as facts. Look at one of the founders. none other than Steve Bannon one of trumps big campaign guns in 2016. Robert Mercer is also a major funder of organizations supporting right-wing political causes in the United States, such as Breitbart News[7] and Donald Trump's 2016 campaign for president.[8] He is the principal benefactor of the Make America Number 1 super PAC.

The report you cite is just a commentary on it from the Heritage foundation page and the results have not been verified nor proven. SO again it's just propaganda and not facts. If and when they are added to the heritage foundation database as proven cases of voter fraud I will gladly agree with you on it.



Again Linda you cannot face the FACTS. I'm sure you know who the Heritage foundation is. A far right organization that supports republican candidates and conservative causes. Anti abortion, anti immigration etc. They even support stricter voting laws an are anti mail in voting even though they can only come up with 1,285 documented cases of voter fraud. Yes, there a a lot more "accusations" that come up every year and election cycle but few are proven. A link to their database is provided below as well as the links from my previous post. Face the fact that the voter fraud argument by the republicans is code words for voter suppression.


"only shows 1, 277 proven instances of voter fraud since 1979. That’s with billions of votes cast." How ridiculous a statement. What if it was "only 1,277 people murdered at voting locations since 1979." Looks like this individual pee'd on his shoes.


Mr Kennedy you should be ashamed, but not of this country but of your republican party. I'm rather amazed that you have the gall call the democrats "Democratic Party’s leadership – without ethics or a moral compass. They will lie, cheat and steal votes to win an election. Their thirst for power is ravenous. Why can’t their voters see that?" These very things actually describe the Republican Party to a T. It all started in 2016, Remember the access Hollywood tapes of trump, laughing about being able to grab a woman by the crotch and get away with it because of who he is? How about the multiple affairs he’s been accused of and getting caught paying hush money to at least one of them? So much for the moral compass. Just 2 weeks before the election, the late release by Comey of “New emails” but then saying no, they were already seen. All to hurt Clinton, and it worked. Then there was the Russian interference to help trump win, that resulted in the Mueller investigation. That investigation resulted in 34 indictments, 7 convictions or guilty pleas and numerous times trump attempted to obstruct justice in that investigation. Now trump and Barr are trying to rewrite history on that investigation. Then we had the Ukraine Scandal where trump was impeached for trying to blackmail them to post dirt or try to find dirt on his political opponent Joe Biden. The republican led senate then didn’t even hold a trial but dismissed it all. During his first 3 years trump told over 16,000 lies or mistruths. Starting with the inauguration crowd size and the “alternate facts’ argument that he apparently still believes is working today. Remember the weather map he altered with a sharpie then displayed it on national television? Let’s look at voter suppression, Wisconsin republicans blocked postponing the primary until the corona virus pandemic eased and then blocked extending the mail in voting date even though these decisions weren’t made till close to election day. These voter suppression tactics were then upheld by the conservative majority (republican) State supreme and U.S. Supreme courts. Now trump and the NRC are attempting to block mail in voting for the upcoming general election. They are again citing voter fraud even though no wide spread voter fraud has ever been found to exist in mail in or in person voting. Yes there have been a few cases but not enough to alter any election result. Even the Heritage foundation’s voter fraud database only shows 1, 277 proven instances of voter fraud since 1979. That’s with billions of votes cast. Then we can look at widespread voter roles being purged before elections by republican led States. This causing people to re-register, but how do they know they have been purged until they go to vote and are denied? Let’s look at recent history on presidential impeachments. There have been 3, Nixon, Clinton and Trump. 2 republican and 1 democrat. The 2 republicans were caught trying to cheat in the upcoming election (Nixon and Trump) and the Democrat was impeached for having a consensual affair and trying to lie about it. (Clinton) If memory serves me correctly having an affair is not against the law but cheating to win an election is. The articles below will prove out my facts so please take the time to read them and see which party is really the one for liars, cheaters and low ethical and low moral standards.


Mr.'s McElvaney and Kennedy, great letters. Extremely factual. You're going to rile up the radical left Democrats, though. You know the ones I mean. The ones wearing Che Guevara and Fidel Castro shirts. It’s too early in the morning for them to respond. They’re not out of bed yet.

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