Look at results, not likeability

Donald Trump is not likeable. And it concerns me, not because I am concerned for Donald Trump, but because I am concerned about my family, my state and my nation. I have seen many interviews in which a voter has stated an intention to vote for Joe Biden for President – and in every case it has been because they plan to vote against Donald Trump – not FOR Joe Biden. They go on to explain that they do not like Trump.

I can understand that. He is not likeable.

But I have to urge all of these people to remember why you elect a man to be President of the United States: You want a man who will make decisions that will be in the best interest of the citizens of the USA and, to do that, he must be able to discern what is in the best interest of those citizens.

Donald Trump has clearly demonstrated the ability to do that the past four years; multiple successful trade deals; withdrawing the U.S. from the severely flawed Iran deal; rebuilding the military that had been decimated by eight years of Obama/Biden budgets; returning manufacturing jobs which Obama claimed never could be regained; cutting taxes and eliminating foolish, unnecessary regulations and, in doing so, creating the best USA economy in history and record low unemployment for all citizens. And all this was accomplished while being viciously opposed by the Democrat Party and its “mainstream” liberal media friends.

Was he always “likeable” while accomplishing all of this? Absolutely not.

He is not a perfect role model, but his policies have benefited this country and its citizens. Joe Biden has been unsuccessfully running for president since June 9, 1987; he never has been accused of being an intellectual giant and I believe there is reason to question his mental acuity now. If he were to be elected president, there would be reason to wonder who really would be making the difficult decisions of the office.

So I ask you, is this a good time for citizens to decide they cannot vote for Donald Trump for president because he is so unlikeable?

Michael E. Harris


Beshear aims at wrong target

Gov. Andy Beshear claims a statue that has been there since 1936 and was there for the eight years during his father’s administration, is suddenly now divisive. As I am a Republican and no fan of anything connected to the Confederacy, I wonder his your real reason is.

Did he take a page out of the George Or­well’s book “1984” and try to erase a very embarrassing bit of history from the public eye? After all, doesn’t it remind everyone that Jefferson Davis was president of 13 Democrat-controlled states which rebelled to protect their right to “own” black people and treat them little better than animals?

Wouldn’t a careful study of history show that after losing, these same Democrats unleashed a war of terror with the KKK and passed laws to further oppress those so recently freed?

How about the fact that even since the passage of civil rights legislation, Beshear’s party has done little more than exploit black people for their votes? Let’s face it. Go to any large city where black people are overwhelmingly poor, undereducated and victimized by crime, you will find Democrats in charge.

Does the governor think a symbolic gesture like this fools anyone? By the way, Governor, don’t bother to put up any new monuments to your party. The looted businesses and burned out buildings from this past week of rioting, will serve as fitting monuments to the party’s leadership.

Alma Medley


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I'm pretty sure most of the peaceful protesters are probably democrats with a few republicans mixed in. The rioters and looters are criminals and need to be arrested and prosecuted. If they are rioting and looting then they deserve to be gassed to be stopped. However peaceful protesters like trump had gassed for his photo op shouldn't be, regardless of party affiliation. I didn't say republicans were racist, you did. I said it was the party of rich white people.


Show me where I said Republicans were racist. Your comment was extremely racist. What would YOU say if I said that the Democrat party were all poor black people, which it's not? You would be screaming bloody murder calling me a racist. Racism works both ways.


Look a the US house and Senate, There are approx 15 republican members that are not white, That's out of 252 republican members. So the face of the party has become rich white people. I did not say they are racist merely stating the fact that their National political profile is rich white people. The house, the senate, trump and his regime, the Koch brothers, Hannity, Limbaugh, Ailes, etc.. That's the facts, not a racist comment. Their policies are aimed at helping the wealthy as well. There are more non-white members of the democratic party that's the truth. That's why the republicans work so hard at voter suppression, so they can win elections. They can't win a fair one, so they try to rig them. Again, that is a provable point. So keep whining and digging for more "propaganda"


"but it has now become the party rich white people". Tell me this quote isn't racist.


Actually 2 outstanding letters. While the racist accusation that the Republican Party is a bunch of rich white people who gas protesters I think that we could also conclude that the Democrat party is now the party of violent looters and rioters.


Not only is trump not likable he's a failure as a president. We can start with the Russian interference, the attacks on his rivals, firing people who do not cower to him, the mueller investigation, the Ukraine blackmail scandal resulting in his impeachment. Then lets move on to his failed response to the Corona Virus, how about his suggestion of injecting light or cleaners into the body to kill the virus. Then he "said" he took a dangerous non proven drug to prevent the virus. How irresponsible is that for the president of a country to do? Now lets move on to the current racial crisis we are fighting. Trump actually had peaceful protesters removed using teargas and rubber bullets so he could walk to a church for a photo op. Then he's so terrified in the white house he has an additional 2.7 miles of fence put up around one of the most secure secure buildings in this country. Instead of trying to unite the country he just divides it further. So likability is the least of his problems. Habitual liar, crook dangerous all come to mind long before likable.

As far as the second letter goes, the republican party of Abe Lincoln has long ago passed away. It was suffering before the rise of trump but it has now become the party rich white people. Tax cuts that benefit the upper class not the middle or lower class, the party where their senators cover for a corrupt president and hold a sham trail to let him off of impeachment. The party of intolerance and gassing peaceful protesters. Yes that's the republican party of today.


No MAGA hats seen on the looters and rioters.

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