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More times than I’m willing to keep count, I’ve witnessed the looks of familiar disappointment on the faces of my friends. Who, based solely on the color of their skin, are forced to live in an free country feeling unsafe.

This perplexes me, a white male. That in the year 2020 we’re discussing such things as launching a manned rocket to Mars and implant cerebral microchips that can regain a person’s lost eyesight but still feel the need to disregard a person’s life because they are a minority.

We’ve all been taught in school about the evil and violent years this country pained through to create progress in civil rights. We hear the history but why can we not seem to absorb the lessons?

I’ve thought a lot about Juliette Hampton Morgan and Viola Liuzzo two women, both white, who thought enough of humanity that they disregarded their born privilege and ultimately their lives to stand up and do the right thing. We need to be more like these heroes. We need to be allies.

People aren’t inferior because of the color of their skin. People should only be considered inferior human beings when they show ignorance to other people because of the color of their skin. I’m embarrassed for this country. I’m tired. And if I, the white male, is tired how tired are my friends?

Injustice isn’t infinite and my friends can’t make change on their own. God knows they’ve tried. It’s going to take allies willing to take the social risk to do the right thing for all people to change injustice.

I’ve watched the news this past week and have seen the protests across this country by a community that has grown tired of the way they’ve been treated. I’m sure there are a lot of white families that are fearful to venture into these cities because of risk of unjust violence based off the color of your skin.

My question to you is ... How does it feel?

Jason Basham


Don’t close eyes to first wrong

I heard about the demonstration over the Memorial Day Weekend. A group from Take Back Kentucky had gone to protest how Gov. Andy Beshear has had our state on lockdown and wanted it to stop. During that protest, some people had taken a dummy representing Beshear with the words Sic Semper Tyranis (Thus Always to Tyrants) and hung it from a tree.

The hanging of our governor in effigy was met with outrage and condemnation from elected officials of both parties and many others. I understand how this is not an acceptable way to express yourself and the protesters could have found another way to make their point.

I do have a few questions for those who have been so quick and vocal in their outrage.

Where were you when our governor was running roughshod over our civil rights? When he banned church services in violation of our 1st Amendment rights until stopped by a federal court order, where were you? When he shut down most small businesses and told health care providers not to do elective treatment, yet kept Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinic open, where were you? As thousands were forced out of work and unable to get unemployment assistance while Gov. Beshear and his fellow state employees haven’t missed a paycheck, where were you? And when our governor still has not committed to a full reopening of this state insisting that he grasp onto to his new for every minute possible, where were you?

As I asked in my last letter, is this about health or power? I know there are those who will be quick to say that two wrongs don’t make a right. Fine, now what about Gov. Beshear’s first wrong?

Sharon Jern


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Linda, again you are using opinions instead of facts. Opinions from fox news no less. The first link below shows that when more than half of the states started reopening in early May, they were doing so against the White house guidelines. The saddest part of that was that trump was cheering on the protests to force only Democratic governors of battle ground states to open early. He didn't tweet out attacking any republican governors or democratic governors of non battle ground states like Kentucky to open earlier. So trump was encouraging states to open against the guidelines put out by his regime. Fine example of leadership that is. The second link shows how states are doing after the various reopening strategies. Many of the states in the south that opened early are now seeing increases in the Novel Corona Virus. Not all are but several are. The larger point is that trump and his followers have turned the Novel Corona Virus and reopening into a partisan political fight, not a public health issue. Even your "opinion piece" only talked about democratic governors and not the republican governors that followed the guidelines. Mrs Jern's letter is a prime example of that, just a political hit job that misses the real mark. The only thing Gov Beshear has done different is he has followed the guidelines from the White house .to protect the citizens of Kentucky. That's the facts and not opinions. Just do some unbiased research and you will see the truth.



You nailed it, Sharon. Here's what the radical left wing governors are doing to justify shutting down the country, using the Wuhan flu as an excuse to keep the economy shut down to keep President Trump from getting elected.


Great job, Sharon. The truth and facts kill the Democrats and Beshear did ban worshipping in church.


Mrs Jern you seem to be confused by your partisan bitterness and blindness. Gov Beshear did nothing wrong nor did he do anything illegal. He followed federal guidelines and instructions in order to control the Novel Corona virus Pandemic. He did the same thing the governors of the other 49 states did. Yes some of the republican governors were blinded as well and didn't close until later and have opened earlier, both actions were against governmental guidelines. These are guidelines put out by your beloved trump and his regime. The republican states that did open early and too fast are now seeing a rise in their cases as well. Gov Beshear did not close churches specifically or prevent you from practicing your religion. He banned ALL public gatherings of more than 10 people. Drive through and on line services were still allowed. Yes, a conservative judge did over rule him on the church issue, However the U.S. Supreme Court recently upheld the California ban on mass gatherings when applied to churches as well. They were able to see the ban was not discriminatory against churches nor did it violate the first amendment. So had the governor wanted to fight further his ban would have held up as legal, but it was a moot point since the bans were being eased the next week anyway. As far as keeping abortion clinics open, yes. Abortion is a valid legal medical procedure which has a very specific time line in which it can be performed. Closing this procedure until after the pandemic was easing or gone would have taken that choice away from women who needed it. There by putting the government between a doctor and their patient as far as required medical care went. Aren't republicans dead set against the government being involved in health care decisions between doctors and patients? Isn't that the argument used over and over again against Obama Care? That it puts the government in charge of health care instead of the doctor and patient? Or is this argument only valid when it helps your case? Yes the unemployment rate due to the pandemic is terrible, but not the governor's fault. I would think that if you asked most people if they would rather be temporarily unemployed or dead, most would chose temporary unemployment. Let's face the reality of the protests. Most of it is politically motivated pure and simple. Especially when you have republican lawmakers up in Frankfort encouraging and supporting these protests. Trump himself has been encouraging these protests and trying to force Democratic governors to open up their states against his own administration's guidelines. For trump and the republicans it's not about the health of the people of this country, it's about the November elections. Period. They think if the economy can rebound some he can get re-elected but it's gonna take a lot more than that. As far as hanging the governor in effigy that is not acceptable for anyone to do to another person regardless of political party affiliation, race, religion or background. It is a terrorist type tactic that we as a country should condemn because we are better than that. If I remember correctly, a while back here in Kentucky the same thing was done with a President Obama dummy as well. I have a great dislike for trump, but hanging a dummy of him in effigy is wrong as well. At some point we as a country need to draw a line and say enough is enough. Today it was in effigy, what happens if someone tries to take it to the extreme??? Gov Beshear did no wrong and doesn't deserve that or to have his family subjected to that

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