State’s decisions ensure all suffer

I am writing, not to stress the devastation of the coronavirus, but the devastation of the Commonwealth of Kentucky because of shutting down the workplaces and the economy. At the time of this writing, statewide cases were 4,146 people, which is 0.009 percent of Kentucky’s population. The chance of getting struck by lightning in a lifetime is 0.003 percent. We have more chance to get hit by lightning than dying from COVID 19.

The percent of reported influenza type A and B was 0.02 percent in 2019. If it was monitored by health care professionals, the total number of deaths that was preceded by flu, I feel there were more deaths related to flu than conronavirus.

I am not saying that COVID-19 is not serious, but I am saying we face several threats while living this life. 734 deaths from autos in 2019 in Kentucky tells me that being on the roadway is a serious threat, but do we ban automobiles on the road? 181,000 is devastating to that person who filed for unemployment, and their family, and these workers are not at their workplace, and that is devastating to a lot of businesses.

There must be things to learn here in Kentucky when 46 percent of Kentucky’s deaths has been in assisted living/nursing homes. Who is confined to their places of living more so than these people? If being confined to our homes is the answer, why have the deaths been so high in these assisted living homes?

I am searching for answers and I believe the overall public has enough common sense to protect themselves. We do not need the government to tell us how to protect ourselves. They can advise, they can report the numbers and they can tell us where the hot spots are.

I don’t need the government to tell me to seek shelter when it is lightning. By the way, one answer I will share with you: We need God and we need his church more so than ever.

Ralph E. Hart


It’s a blessing to be in business in E’town

In this unprecedented time of uncertainty, it’s a blessing to be a small business owner in the city of Elizabethtown.

It was shocking to have to close my dental practice due to the recommendations of the governor and our Board of Dentistry to slow the spread the novel corona virus pandemic.

Decisions made, affecting not only myself and my family, but my fabulous staff and my entire family of patients at Heartland Family Dentistry, were out of my hands. The resulting decisions I had to make were gut-wrenching, terrifying and heart-breaking.

Still in the throws of the shutdown, I am so grateful to the Elizabethtown City Council, the city’s Finance Department and Mayor Jeff Gregory for the Economic Stimulus Recovery Fund to small businesses and for the expedited manor in which they provided it – an impressive feat to be sure.

This grant allows my practice to meet some overhead expenses that are ongoing even though we currently cannot be open, thus, giving me the confidence to make huge investments in my practice, adding more layers of protection for my entire employee and patient family circle.

Purchases of extraoral suction devices with two stage HEPA filters as well as air purifying systems that remove matter down to 0.001 microns will add the utmost protection from aerosols produced in certain dental procedures.

Coupled with the countless standard precautions already in place, I am confident these changes will greatly increase safety in dentistry for this wonderful community.

Thank you to the city of Elizabethtown for helping make this possible.

Dr. Toni Lynn Irwin


Trust in God and pray for leaders

I’m 89 years old and have seen a lot of changes in this world – some good, some bad. My response to the letter published April 20 is, we are all God’s children.

Forget Republicans and Democrats and head of the parties. Thank God everyday for all things. His will be done on earth as in heaven.

I don’t have computers, smart phones of Facebook, any of this modern stuff, but I do have God in my heart. There have been a lot of bad things happen in this world over lots of years. Lots of people have passed away. In the book of Jeremiah 23: 16 and 22, God warned his people against false prophets who fill you with false hopes. They speak from their own mind.

We need to pray for our country and the whole world, for God’s hand to reach down, touch all of us, heal our country and pray for our leaders, both Republicans and Democrats.

Bernice Oakes


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Ralph E. Hart your opinion is shared by many. Unfortunately in America, we have generations of people who lack common sense, are willfully ignorant and too self prideful and just plum crazy. A pandemic is a possible extinction-level event. The flu is bad but not an extinction-level event. The flu can kill more people than controlled pandemic. We can have areas with higher car deaths or cancer deaths. To look and narrow death events and compare them to a pandemic event is apples and meatloaf. A pandemic can infect an entire population of an area. Hardin County without precautions could see the entire population infected by the coronavirus or any pandemic. That would be 110,000 infected people. Since Hardin County could not handle 110,000 sick people many will die. Let us be hopeful and say only 10% would die. 11,000 Hardin county residents die. That is what a pandemic does. This coronavirus lasts longer on surfaces. It is lung related. Depending on your health you can die fast or slow. You can pull through. The young and the old are the most vulnerable. A sick person does not show symptoms before becoming infectious. This person who has no symptoms but is infectious goes to a store or church. They get out of their vehicle and infects the car door next to them. They touch, cough, or sneeze. He\she enters the building and touches the doors. They may go to the bathroom. They shop and touch things at the store. They hug and shake hands at church. This one person could infect the vehicle family, anyone who touched the door, touched the bathroom, touched the items at the store, or shook a hand or gave a hug or just talked to someone. Each of those people spread the virus to family, friends or strangers and so on and so on. This is how it all started. The highest theory is that the bats in the Wuhan area are contaminated with a coronavirus. Possibly for generations, the bats have had this natural virus. Many animals have viruses. The local population eats bats. They capture and sell bats at a wet open market. Done it for generations. Viruses mutate. At some point, the coronavirus mutated into a coronavirus 19 strain that infects humans. In Wuhan, the infected people went about their lives and spread the virus. Having an international airport the infected people spread it worldwide. Again the virus hangs around for a while and symptoms can take two weeks to show but you are infectious sooner thus spreading it to others before you know you are sick. If your sick depending on your health you might think you have the normal flu and still work and socialize. Again still spreading it around. Lack of understanding about pandemics is sad.


Mr Hart, our numbers are so low thanks to the actions of Gov Beshear. You bring up some interesting numbers about auto accidents but thy're really not related. Our governor hasn't done anything the other 50 states haven't done and even the federal government has done during the pandemic. The nursing homes have been hit harder because they are a major part of the VULNERABLE population that these measures are trying to protect. As an active cancer patient I too am part of that vulnerable population. I applaud the efforts of our governor to protect us all whether you agree or not. Why is it everyone cries out about banning cars when restrictions and stuff are applied to protect the public? Please be patient, the restrictions are being eased off this coming week. In no time you will be able to find something else to attack the governor on

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