Following path of Rome leads to doom

In January 2020, The News-Enterprise published my letter titled “Once Again a Time That Try Men’s Souls.”

At the time I wrote the letter, it was in reference to the totally unsubstantiated impeachment of President Trump. I didn’t intend the letter to be so prescient. However, in the aftermath of this past summer’s prolonged riots and lootings in Blue State-controlled cities, that were permitted to persist with impunity; and the recent presidential election, of questionable outcome, that letter is even more pertinent now than it was almost a year ago. Especially, when factoring in the new political climate this nation is facing under a Joe Biden administration.

Clearly, the emerging evidence of illicit business dealings within the Biden camp, which prior to the election largely were ignored and even suppressed by the mainstream media, portends an America very different from that envisioned by our founding fathers. Then America was built upon a citizen nation where the underpinning of a citizens’ worth was predicated upon contributory principles.

Today we face acts of confiscation where those who work are forced, by an unappreciative government, to forfeit these earnings to support frivolous expenditures. What happened to the party that produced truly dedicated leaders that believed in the potential of America and her citizens? What happened to the John F. Kennedys of the Democratic Party? What happened to “Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but ask what can you do for your country?”

The duplicity, profligacy and singular intransigency of a Democratic Party, comprised of career politicians, enriching themselves at the public trough, seems bent on changing the core principles upon which this nation was founded. This is an unsustainable path which in time is doomed to relegate this country to status of a second-class nation.

Sadly, if this trend continues we are embarking down the same path as Rome. Free bread and circus for the plebeians didn’t solve the problem 2,000 years ago and undoubtedly will garner similar results today. When the individual incentive to achieve is abrogated, so too is the spirit that once made this country great.

Frederick Moll


Congress acts to protect the outdoors

This summer, sportsmen and women celebrated the passage of the Great American Outdoors Act, the most significant conservation legislation in a generation. When the president signed this bill, projects to restore our public lands, national parks and open spaces were able to commence and the Land and Water Conservation Fund saw renewed funding in perpetuity.

This bipartisan, bicameral legislative victory did not come easily. It took decades of grassroots work and the tireless support of conservation champions in Congress to see the campaign to permanently fund and reauthorize the LWCF – and address maintenance backlogs on public lands and waters – across the finish line.

Our nation’s most successful and widespread conservation and access funding source, LWCF now will receive its full $900 million each year to secure our public lands and waters for us and for our children.

The Great American Outdoors Act dedicated $9.5 billion over the next five years to restore failing infrastructure on public lands managed by the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Wildlife Refuge System, National Parks Service and Bureau of Indian Education.

As a member of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, I would like to thank Sen. Mitch McConnell as well as Rep. John Yarmuth for voting yes on the Great American Outdoors Act. Your vote for this landmark legislation will help ensure our outdoor traditions and sustain our public lands, waters and wildlife for the benefit of future generations.

Michael Abell


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Excellent and insightful comments, Mr. Moll. It's too bad that most Democrats won't understand them due to lack of knowledge or education.


Why stop at the Democratic Party? Why does your critical eye seem to look the other way when it comes to Republicans? McConnell is a crook and so is Trump. Have you not noticed or did Fox News forget to mention it?

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