Puzzling over several situations in country

Because of COVID-19, our businesses were locked down, some did not survive.

Our children, with little risk for COVID, are forced to wear masks at school.

We are losing essential workers who are forced to decide between a mandated vaccine and their jobs.

While President Joe Biden welcomes illegal migrants entering our country across the border unvetted, untested, unvaccinated, unmasked and carrying diseases. Huh?

For the first time in 62 years, America was energy independent. President Biden revoked the permit to finish the Keystone XL pipeline or start any others, making us dependent on our enemies for gas and oil. But the president waived the sanctions on the Russian pipeline, enriching Russia.

We fought the Taliban for 20 years. President Biden wants to recognize the Taliban as a legitimate government.

While Texans are defending their homes and their border, President Biden treated himself with a security fence around his beach house vacation home to the tune of $456,548, to be finished by December.

The biggest insane stumper is President Biden wants to reward each illegal migrant who crossed our border illegally and was incarcerated during the Trump administration and was separated from their families, $450,000 for their trouble. Now I’m pulling my hair out. Bad judgment? Whomever is ruining, I mean running, the White House has an agenda. Nobody is this stupid.

We have abandoned our people in Afghanistan while patriots continue to risk their lives to get them out.

And good luck with Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

Toni White


Nursing home residents don’t lose their rights

When Mrs. Carlthorp moved into a nursing home, she felt as if she’d given up her freedom, her voice, her very identity. The upheaval was overwhelming.

But she was mistaken. She is guaranteed the right to be fully informed and to participate in all aspects of her care; to make her own decisions about treatment, lifestyle, activities and finances; and to maintain her privacy, confidentiality, dignity, and respect. These rights are protected under the federal Nursing Home Reform Law of 1987 and Kentucky’s Regulatory Statutes.

What’s more, Mrs. Carlthorp and other residents have the right to complain without fear of retaliation. But like many in dependency relationships, she was afraid to. That’s when she shared her concerns with the visiting long-term care ombudsman, who made a plan to work with staff to resolve them. And one by one, they did just that.

The name is fictitious but the situation is very real.

Long-term care ombudsmen are trained advocates who help residents exercise their rights, sometimes with them and sometimes on behalf of them. Their services are always confidential and free of charge and their loyalty is always 100% behind to the resident. For more than half of Kentucky’s long-term care residents, ombudsmen are their only outside visitors.

During October, National Residents Rights Month was celebrated. Please join us in honoring and protecting the elders in our community.

Moira Brennan

Associate Ombudsman

Catholic Charities of Louisville

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