Solar solutions shouldn’t replace agriculture land

I agree solar is in Hardin County’s future and applaud any company building a solar field on its own industrial site. However, permanently destroying Hardin County’s natural resource area is a crime. I believe true “green” energy solutions do not destroy prime farmlands.

Kentucky has only 4.5 peak sun hours per day. No sun, no power. At present, 6.3 square miles of prime farmland are leased in Hardin County by seven solar companies. Is 4.5 hours worth the loss of 5,000 acres of prime farmland? Every local business would be affected — solar fields do not purchase equipment, fertilizer, fuel, seed, hardware, food, clothes, etc. Oh, did we forget about world hunger? Foreign-owned solar developers are targeting Hardin County: It’s cheap, flat and cleared. These projects have more to do with harvesting tax credits than harvesting sunlight.

The current push for Hardin County farmland is largely the result of a lavish federal tax credit which returns 26% of the project’s cost to the developers. In addition, they benefit from a state regulation classifying solar electric generation as “manufacturing,” qualifying them for locally issued Industrial Revenue Bonds. This reduces the developers’ state tax bill by 90% — robbing Kentucky taxpayers of revenue that could be put toward pension liabilities, education and other priorities. In return for facilitating low-cost financing with IRBs, local communities get a paltry payment in lieu of taxes — generally amounting to less than 1% of their current revenue.

The purpose of the IRB tax break is to create long-term local jobs. However, the solar developers admit fewer than three permanent jobs are created.

The detrimental effect of large solar facilities to nearby properties is significantly greater. Independent KY appraisers have reported a 15% — 30% decrease in property values.

This impact reaches far beyond neighboring property owners. With the current lack of decommissioning standards, local — and ultimately state — taxpayers will be on the hook to decommission, estimated at $11 million per 100mw. This should be a red flag to our state legislators.

Trading the farming industry for the solar industry is wrong.

Dan Feeser


Outlining concerns about Biden’s cognitive ability

When one observes our president shuffling through the grass on the White House grounds and in other places it becomes noticeable. Then you notice at times his forlorn look of being lost, it again becomes noticeable. When that is coupled with lack of ability to concentrate when reading the teleprompter as well as bad leadership in executive decisions, it starts to generate questions about aging cognitive decline.

When one thinks about the actions he has messed up, I have a bad memory of getting out of Afghanistan the way we did. Then you ask yourself what else has he accomplished. His first day presidential actions pretty well messed up the country’s energy ability. We went from being a leader in energy production to being energy deficient. These are just a few examples. He has few, if any, winners at all.

Then he doesn’t seem to have any problem telling an untruth or maybe being uninformed. Discussing the government’s action of paying illegals is an example. With the lack of good accomplishments and the multiplicity of things going or has gone wrong, one starts to question his ability to think. Is the president too old? How old is too old? Maybe it isn’t just age but it is cognitive ability. The president has a doctor, I wonder what he would say.

Dr. Ronnie Jackson was President Bush’s, President Obama’s and President Trump’s doctor, so he certainly has the credentials and has tested those presidents. Recently after watching President Joe Biden speak Dr. Jackson said, “That was embarrassing, there is something so obviously wrong with Biden’s cognitive fitness it was hard to watch. He should not remain president for another second. We deserve better. Much better.”

Wow, that answered my last question. I guess the media now will be demanding President Biden take the test or resign.

Bill Beckerdite


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