Support for SNAP can address need

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused childhood hunger to soar to record-level highs. One in four child­ren in Kentucky could face hunger this year because of this health and economic crisis.

But hunger is a problem we can actually fix. If Congress temporarily increases SNAP benefits by 15 percent, families in need would receive an additional $25 per person each month. This benefit is a lifeline for those in our state who are facing extreme hardship – unemployment, rising food prices, eviction and hunger – because of this pandemic.

I know because as a parent who relies on SNAP to help feed her family, this program offers us critical flexibility to get the nutrition my kids need.

It’s critical that Congress gets to work on a stimulus package that includes this SNAP increase. SNAP is one of the most effective ways to feed people and boost our economy.

Right now, Congress is failing these children by delaying a relief package and leaving nutrition assistance out of it. I urge Sens. Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul to work with Congress to pass a relief package that includes SNAP.

Valerie Frost


Thankful despite year gone awry

During this season of Thanksgiving, the Youth Theatre of Hardin County would like to thank the Hardin County community for the continued support we receive. Our 48-year history of being the oldest Kentucky Youth Theatre program, was only possible with the encouragement and support that we receive from our many patrons.

We are disappointed we were not able to present a Broadway musical as we have done each year. Our youth really missed being able to be on stage again to entertain their community. We only were able to complete two workshops and then everything shut down.

Thanks to all those who supported us by attending in the past. We will be back in July 2021 with a fun-filled musical “The Addams Family” and we want you to know that you are the encouragement we need to continue providing Hardin County with quality performances to promote the performing arts in our area.  

We also praise the young people who attended the workshops and those who were able to perform in our Youth Theatre of Hardin County Talent Showcase. We thank HCEC-TV for helping us make it possible to share the talents of a  few of our youth in 2020.  

Again, we are thankful for our Hardin County community for helping us continue this performing arts program for our youth and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and good health now and as we enter the New Year.

Betty Marsee, president and the board of the Youth Theatre of Hardin County

Small businesses need your support

Shop local small businesses. Friends, we need to get serious about our local economy. You know those businesses we always look to to sponsor our sports teams, events, church activities and all sorts of good causes. These folks are hurting really bad. Whereas many government workers and big business folks still are getting paid, the small business person isn’t.

I am asking you to please shop our local merchants first. At least go into their shop and spend $5 or so. Every little bit can help them.

The Radcliff Small Business Alliance is inviting you to visit our members and help all small business. Thanks.

John Flanagan


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