2022 election affirms need for awakening

The 2020 election was a travesty, an incredible injustice to our sacred election process, and I hoped it would be the last one. Wrong! 2022 results are pending, a travesty in its own right, with some totals due after Dec. 6 run-offs. The midterms of a first-term president are a referendum on their performance. Biden’s first two years — to anyone objective- border on apocalyptic status,

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Jerry Cooke. Be very careful! You're saying that the schools should actually Educate instead of indoctrinate? That's pretty radical....what are you...some kinda domestic terrorist? When are the students going to have the time to learn about Global warming, BLM, Woke, Global warming, DEI, Defund Police, CRT, Global warming, Transgender identity, Sex, Drag queen dances and Global warming if you want them to learn Math, Reading, Science and about America?


Scott Kennedy, Excellent Letter. I place 2/3rds of the blame for the Republicans having not winning the majority in the Senate, 100% on the shoulders of one Mitch McConnell. His decisions to not help 3 or 4 good candidates because they were part of the Populist movement and he sees that as a threat to the Swamp status quo. Same thing he did in 2010 with the Tea Party movement and how he tried to keep Rand Paul from being elected. The other 1/3rd...I blame on the Democrats and their "Vote for me and we'll keep the handouts coming your way" and the people's greed. Mitch should resign in shame. Doesn't matter if Brashear would appointment a Democrat...he would just be replacing one that has an "R" behind his name.

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