Registration numbers now favor Republicans

At this time, I am very proud to report that LaRue County is now a Republican county. The Nov. 15, 2021, numbers from the Secretary of State’s Office concerning voter registrations are now in and they show that Republican registered voters now outnumber Democrat voters by 35 in LaRue County. The actual numbers are 5,233 Republican voters, 5,198 Democrat voters and 594 “other.”

When our administration took over in April 2017, registered Democrats outnumbered registered Republicans by 2,340 here in LaRue County. The actual numbers were 6,025 Democrats to 3,685 Republicans per the Kentucky Secretary of State’s Office.

It’s obvious that all of our hard work put forth by the LaRue County Republican Party has paid off. Over the last four years, we have participated in voter registration drives at Lincoln Days, the LaRue County Library, Cruise-ins, at IGA and at all of our fundraisers including our chili suppers, Lincoln Dinners and the Cathy Yarbrough Lincoln Picnic.

Special thanks go out to all those who helped in these registration drives. Vice Chair Alex LaRue, Treasurer Bruce Slack, Secretary Linda Vincent, Cathy Yarbrough, Bobby and Judy Bridges, Gil Myers, Bryan Smith, Bev Watson and Dennis Wells and more helped turn this county Republican.

The Republican Party of Kentucky will always support candidates who are fiscally responsible, pro-life, support the Second Amendment, religious freedom and liberty.

Lanny Vincent

Former Chair and Vice Chair 2017-2021

LaRue County Republican Party

Colin Powell exhibited rare trait of humility

I’ve thought about Gen. Colin Powell a lot since his passing. What a great person who loved our country so much and served it so well in various important roles over the years.

He was a rare Republican who put country over political party. He voted for Barack Obama twice, for Hillary Clinton in 2016, for Joe Biden in 2020 — all Democrats. Powell knew that Donald Trump was a serious threat to our democracy.

The Jan. 6 Trump-incited insurrection on Capitol Hill was the last straw for Gen. Powell. He could no longer associate himself with a Republican Party of Trump.

I hope many Republicans all over our country will follow Gen. Powell’s “country over party” example. As great as he was, Colin Powell possessed what truly great people have — humility.

Paul L. Whiteley Sr.


Beverage industry acts to protect Kentucky

In the early 1800s, a preacher traveling to Kentucky for the first time described the sight of our rolling hills and bluegrass by writing, “O my dear honeys, heaven is a Kentucky of a place.”

We are lucky to call Kentucky home, and on America Recycles Week, Kentucky’s beverage industry is especially proud of our work to help protect our beautiful state. By making investments to help educate residents and initiate recycling opportunities, our members are committed to making sure bottles don’t end up in Kentucky’s landfills, rivers or lakes.

The Kentucky Beverage Association is always looking for ways to ensure a cleaner Kentucky. By using 100% recyclable materials, our bottles can later be made into new bottles or everyday products. Our members create innovative solutions to help the industry use less plastic, supporting each other and sustainable solutions for Kentucky.

Known around the world for our beautiful horse farms, fabled waterfalls and even our smooth bourbon, Kentucky surely is a heaven on earth. Let’s keep it that way.

Sara Massey, executive director

Kentucky Beverage Association

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