Vaccine protests met with varied responses

Ten times on Tuesday evenings I have exercised my First Amendment rights in front of the hospital, then at the square. A group of us held our signs and flags waving to our fellow citizens.

Many motorists honked with thumbs up, some parked to thank us: a teary-eyed soldier’s wife; two men who jumped from their car, shook everyone’s hand with profuse “thanks” and took off again — all were so inspirational! A doctor from the hospital stopped and, risking his pizzas cooling, talked with us. Hugs to the man in the white truck who, last Tuesday, brought us hot coffee. It has been a rich, wonderful experience.

Others yelled, giving us the middle finger. A lady stopped traffic to tell us of her painful losses. But the hands-down prize winner was the lady who circled the square three times, videoing us as she drove past screaming obscenities, her young daughter in the backseat. I recognized her as a person with deep pain and anger. No one likes to be deceived, lied to, manipulated or forced to do what we deeply oppose. Twenty months ago we were told, “15 days to slow the spread.”

One of my protest signs says, “How much oppression are you willing to accept?”

In 2020, we applauded our “essential-worker” nurses as they entered their hospitals. We appreciated these frontline warriors battling an invisible and untested enemy. Thank you, God, for nurses and doctors.

In 2021, these same nurses and doctors have been fired. What happened to their hero status, when, fully aware of the ravages of the disease, they still declined to take the “vaccine?”

What if next, you are mandated to undergo another medical procedure such as sterilization? Perhaps someone has decided it’s time to cull the U.S. population. Think carefully before getting your children the shot.

One of my signs says, “Stop Medical Tyranny.”

If our government decides the unvaccinated need “shielding,” the CDC has made preparations. Check it out at, search “green zone.”

Yes, my screaming, square-circling friend, I know how you feel. Most of us do. We must stand against tyranny.

Consider another peaceful protest sign: “Will you trade freedom for security?”

Melanie VanTassel


Sen. Parrett has been a difference maker

When I read the story in The News-Enterprise about the pending retirement of Sen. Dennis Parrett, I wasn’t surprised, but a little disappointed.

My interaction with Sen. Parrett was due to my work within the Radcliff community and although I never expected him to be as involved as he was, he continuously surprised me.

It was after an event in West Point one year where I really became convinced of how authentic Dennis was as a man and a leader. This is a leader who never took any time to talk about himself and left every conversation or meeting with this statement, “let me know if I can help you.”

Ten years ago, as we struggled to get the Radcliff Small Business Alliance off the ground and find a way to be relevant to the small business community in Radcliff, Dennis was always present and supportive of everything we did. He attended our events, spoke at the events and encouraged teamwork and inclusion as a way to sustain the organization. Sen. Dennis Parrett was instrumental in our success.

As a member of the 2015-2017 Radcliff City Council, we did experience a fair amount of turmoil as half the council was newly elected along with a newly elected mayor. The eventual clashes, as we tried to organize into an effective body, were pretty obvious to most people. It was Dennis who worked to settle everything down and share his experience about compromise and respect for colleagues that played a role in creating a more productive environment to do the city business in.

In summary, Sen. Parrett is a man who took his role seriously and never sought to divide people along party lines or in any other way. He is a rare breed of leader and I often thought it was because of his down-to-earth style and his background as a farmer and businessman that made it so easy to communicate with him. I learned from him and have applied much of what I learned.

He is a hard act for someone to follow.

T.W, Shortt, president

Radcliff Small Business Alliance

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Where did you get these bogus numbers? Let me guess. The Chinese Communist Party.


A love of freedom is baked into our culture and it's a great way to live but the covid19 pandemic vividly illustrates a limitation. Although the pandemic originated in China, only 4,636 Chinese died because China aggressively used masking, lockdowns, and quarantines to stop the spread of the virus. The US response has been ineffective, resulting in 774,725 dead Americans mostly because of corporate pressure to get back to business as usual. It seems clear that in a biological war with China, the US would lose.

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