Revise approach to behavior issues

In an article Sept. 17 in The News-Enterprise, ECTC announced the partnering with Spalding University’s Center for Behavior Health where students could get counseling by trained mental health counselors for treating various developmental problems. Also, recently the Hardin County Schools announced the hiring of a licensed counselor to assist students and their families with emotional situations.

While the primary focus of these commendable actions is to deal with present-­day stresses associated with the COVID-19 threat, it should be expanded to deal with the stresses that today’s youth must deal with.

Aggression, bullying, communication problems, anger management, frustration dealing with the stress to preform and discrimination just to name a few. I sincerely hope with this expertise that things will improve with the local school systems.

Even though there is already plenty of so-called counselors and even psychiatrists in our school systems, the process for supporting and helping students with behavior problems is terribly flawed. I believe the current process is to abuse the threat assessment process and to make a mockery of due process – basically resulting in expelling troubled students to College View Center or out of school entirely. The students may have a high GPA and have not harmed anyone. They may be just guilty of being disrespectful of unfair treatment.

I want the school systems to do better. I want changes made with the Board of Education to support fairness, justice and the rights of all stakeholders. I feel as a citizen and someone whose family has supported and built some of the first schools and churches in the county going back to the 1800s, that I have that right and duty.

There is no doubt that if our society put more effort in containment and applying corrective action to disturbed youth, we could head off the creation of career criminals to a great degree.

What better time and place than providing the support during the school experience with trained and competent staff.

B. Scott Morrison


Debate double team would anger anyone

Like most people, I was disappointed in the Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden debate. Too much arguing and interruptions. However, I can understand Trump being angry and frustrated. For four years, he has had failed impeachments and unproven lies spoken against him. The media with its fake news has been slandering him even before he became president in 2016.

Just a few minutes into the debate, he discovers he is debating two people instead of just Biden. Moderator Chris Wallace also was attacking him. I believe any human being would have reacted the same who was attacked from the moment he started talking. There is evidence there is already fraud in the mail-in ballot as thousands of ballots for Trump were found in a dumpster. I noticed Wallace didn’t spend much time discussing this but pushed to move on to another subject.

Biden produced wrong numbers and seemed confused, he lied about his son and dodged many questions. I’m still waiting for answers from Biden.

Trump made the point he has done more for this country in 47 months that Biden has done in 47 years including eight years as vice president. Trump finds himself debating somebody that is going to fix everything after sleeping for 47 years.

But what really disturbs me is there actually are people who will vote for this sleeping, do-nothing candidate – not because they think Biden can do a better job, but because they hate Trump who has done a good job. These people are guided by fake news from the media and a hate-filled Democrat Party which is scared their “gravy train” will be taken away from them when Trump drains the swamp. Their gravy train is the taxes we pay.

Jerry M. Cooke Sr.


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Outstanding and truthful comments, Jerry.


Chris Wallace was not attacking Trump, he was enforcing the debate rules which trump refused to follow from the beginning. Trump has never followed the rules and is a failure as president and as a businessman. let's see how long he stays out of jail or stays "rich" as soon as he is voted out of office. Let's just hope we have a country left on January 20th when Joe Biden takes over to fix the mess trump has created

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