Vietnam vet agrees with city about Huey

Kudos to Mayor Jeff Gregory and the Elizabethtown City Council for turning down the misguided project of C.T. Christie and his minions who are trying to defile the sanctity and serenity of the Vietnam Wall in the Nature Park. Mr. Christie does not seem to understand the word no and is trying to use any and all forums to gain approval for the placement of a Huey helicopter on a pedestal behind the apex of the Vietnam Wall replica.

I was part of the Veterans’ Tribute Group that built the wall along with members of the UAW from Ford in Louisville. David Cowherd and C.T. Christie were the driving forces behind the project. Most of the Tribute Group members made sizable cash contributions toward the effort in addition to providing labor on site in all sorts of weather conditions. Mr. Christie would have you believe he accomplished it single handedly. He did work hard to make it happen but so did David Cowherd, Don Cecil, Daryl Durbin, Dremis Hill, Bob Griffin, Bill Armor, Dirk Wright and others.

The end result was a thing of beauty and grace honoring the more than 58,000 service members who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. It has brought peace and comfort to the thousands who have visited it since its dedication in 2018. Visitors often comment about the tranquility and serene setting the Wall occupies and how they felt at ease there.

Mr. Christie wants to disrupt all of that with a full-size Huey helicopter. I dare say there is not a Vietnam veteran who does not fully appreciate what Hueys, and their brave crews did for us in Vietnam. They were lifesavers without question, but one does not belong at the Elizabethtown Nature Park.

The Veterans’ Tribute Group was dissolved after the Wall was completed and presented to the city. The Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter did not vote to approve the placement of a Huey in the Nature Park. In my opinion, Christie continues to provide misleading information to people about this project and has duped many that should be able to see through the smoke and mirrors. Mayor Gregory and the City Council did. Take the Huey to the American Legion Park that the mayor has offered to you and leave the Wall alone.

Greg Lowe

Vietnam Veteran


Mitch McConnell now is leader of RINOs

Mitch McConnell doesn’t deserve to be called senator. One can only assume that a consuming hate for Donald Trump led him into the dark land of Republicans in Name Only, and now today, he is the leader of the RINOs.

Maybe he’s proud, but the America-loving people of Kentucky and America are extremely upset with him and his fellow RINOs for giving a signed blank check to the Democrats. They’re now free to do as they’ve stated, “fundamentally change the country” and they will destroy America with their new brand of socialism where even Kruschev will rise out of his grave and say, “See, Comrades, I told you we would destroy America without firing a shot.”

The RINOs have given the go ahead to no-clue Joe, Chuck and Nancy to take a great country, a country where people once fled Venezuela to come to a better life, and soon, those people will look around and say, “Venezuela wasn’t this bad. I’m going back home!”

McConnell needs to contact Secretary of State Michael Adams and the Republican Party and tell them to remove the “R” after your name and replace it with a Big Fat “D.”

Better yet, resign and let Gov. Andy Beshear appoint Amy McGrath or Charles Booker. At least they’re honest. Unlike McConnell, they will tell you to your face that they want to “fundamentally change the country.

Too bad that Ronald Reagan is not around. He could take Mitch behind the woodshed and show him what he swore to uphold and protect. Seems he’s forgotten that.

The biggest regret I have? Over the last 23 years I’ve lived in Kentucky, I voted for McConnell every time. Now I’d vote for Satan before I’d vote for him again. At least you know what to expect and what you’ll get.

Don Richerson


Time to require, not request, shots

To prevent further spread of the coronavirus, we should require everyone to get fully vaccinated (including a possible third dose) — unless exempted by a sincerely held religious belief or medical condition. We should write to our legislators and executives at all levels of government.

Alvin Blake


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