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If you liked the presidency of Barack Obama, you will like the presidency of Joe Biden. If you did not care for the policies of President Obama, I hope your memory is not so short that in four years you would choose to elect someone who would bring back those policies and build on them with Kamala Harris at his side to pursue the Green New Deal, free education, as they take more from your paycheck and return us to $3.35-$3.80 a gallon of gas as fracking is banned in the country.

McGrath speaks of equal opportunities for her daughters. Does that mean the equal opportunity to succeed in their chosen sport and possibly obtain scholarships or to lose in competitions and opportunities to succeed or gain scholarships to boys who weigh 50 pounds more than them and are 5 inches taller than them and so girls sports be destroyed? That is today’s Democratic Party and that will be the Biden-Harris administration’s policies.

Amy McGrath will have no choice but to go along with it whether she wanted to or not and I’m not sure she doesn’t want to considering she has been on video claiming to be more progressive than anybody in the state of Kentucky.

Amy McGrath has advertisements claiming 30-plus years of Sen. Mitch McConnell is enough yet she is supporting someone who has been in politics 48 years. Most people would call that hypocrisy.

And the biggest question of all. Why are no law-enforcement organization endorsing Vice President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? Why did our own Kentucky Fraternal Order of Police not endorse Amy McGrath? You know why. You know why.

Vote Trump, McConnell, Republican.

Debbie Bayles


Vote for real community service

I first met Julia Springsteen a few years ago while she was president of a Hardin County club for women. Julia added a bright spot and brought new energy to the club despite having a hard act to follow with previous great leader.

Julia’s inclusive, team-driven and progressive leadership style drew a large following and she brought new ideas to the table and to fruition. For the first time, we had several millennials and a few Generation Z members to join. Everyone had a purpose and felt empowered to help move the organization forward.

The following year, Julia joined the NAACP and provided financial and moral support to the organization. Julia readily volunteered to work on several committees, even while working on her own campaign.

Julia will be a wonderful asset to our Elizabethtown City Council as she is fearless when helping others and shows no partiality toward diverse populations, which is often rare in a small southern town.

The office of city council is designed to represent the interests of constituents and meet their needs. I feel as though Julia will serve in the best interest of all residents and that we will hear from her even after the election. Most council members seem to go into hiding after an election and the constituents do not hear from them until another election year unless they happen to attend the same religious institution or have other connections.

I feel Julia will help educate the public on issues of importance, listen to our concerns and work toward resolutions.

Please vote for Julia Springsteen for City Council of Elizabethtown.

Joyce Beasley, educator


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The article referenced doesn’t mention that it is widely suspected of being a Russian misinformation campaign. In fact it is being investigated as such by the FBI. You can wish away the truth and common sense but the facts still surface to tell the truth.

1. The whole Biden Burisma case has been debunked several times. Most recently by the republican led Senate Intel Committee

2. A laptop left in a computer repair shop for 3 months but the owner doesn’t remember who dropped it off? Come on now. When was the last time you dropped something off at a repair shop without leaving your name and phone number

3. Once the owner saw information identifying the bidens, he should of called them or since Joe was a former VP and current front runner in this election the FBI. NOT Rudy Giuliani unless there was an ulterior motive/plan already in place.

4. Trump was impeached for trying to blackmail Ukraine for dirt on Joe Biden and said he was sending Rudy to get it. (on the phone transcripts)

5. Trump has been promising an October surprise and since Barr’s investigation of the Mueller investigation hasn’t produced the promised results this was plan B.

6. The only “news” organizations reporting on this are the far right conspiracy sites, Fox news and the Washington post. The post reporter wouldn’t even let his name be on the story because it was so suspicious. Real news sites have reported the laptop and supposed information but also have said it is not confirmed and it is being investigated by the FBI as a Russian misinformation campaign.

So you see the story is a non-story and just more misinformation for people to gobble up believe.


Here's just a little of the real corruption of the Biden family of thieves. Only a tip of the iceberg....and by the way, don't think for a minute that McConnell will not return as Majority leader. In fact, I look for Jones from Alabama to lose. The Republicans will probably increase their lead. So it looks like, even if Hidin' Biden wins, we'll have the Grim Reaper waiting on the Communist bills created by the Muslim Squad and finally a moral, Constitutional Supreme Court and not a bunch of Obama idiots. Biden's cognitive degeneration will make him helpless but we already know that Schumer and Pelosi will be in charge anyway.


Obama/Biden setup and guided the economic recovery after Bush left the country in a recession and handed it off to them to deal with it. They recovered the economy and saved jobs. The economy was still on the upswing when trump took it over and took all the credit. Joe Biden was also part of the affordable care act which has helped so many Americans. It was so popular and effective the republican controlled house, senate and white house couldn't repeal it because it was working so well. So now they are in the courts trying to take it down and trump just stacked the court with another lackey. Republican's are liars and cannot follow their own rules much less anyone else's. McConnell rule: no supreme court nominations during election year, let the people decide. Yet they are cramming this nomination down the throats of Americans while voting is going on. Polls show 75% of Americans think it should wait until after he election and they should be working on covid relief bills. Such hypocrites. Trump and McConnell need to go, I have faith the the country will get rid of trump but doubt Kentucky will have the courage to vote out McConnell. Even when republicans admit he needs to go, they cannot bring themselves to vote for a democrat to do it, now that is sad, sad partisan politics. Biden will restore some honesty and dignity to the office of the Presidency, and trump will take his place in a jail cell for treason(Russian collusion) tax fraud, tax evasion, abuse of power and what ever else the investigations find on him and his family. McConnell will still be in the senate only now as minority leader which will be terribly embarrassing for him. May even be better than getting beat as far as putting him in his place.


I just read the letter supporting Julia Spingsteen's efforts to join the E'town City Counsel. I support it too and I really support the work of the NAACP, which Julia is very active in. But I think it is important to remember that Julia is very active in the community and has helped the us in many ways. I share her passion for the animal shelter, and everytime I look at Kelley Belley, our sort of pointer, which we got from the shelter, I am truly grateful for all the work she does there. There are more community and charitable efforts that she has worked diligently for, but this is the closest to my heart.

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