America moves near actual jeopardy

My wife and I enjoy watching “Jeopardy!” Each evening three players match their memory and recall to try to make the most money and win the game. To win requires quick recall of a vast knowledge of a range of subjects and a quick hand on the buzzer. Ringing in with the wrong answer results in losing money which no player wants. To to participate in Final Jeopardy, each player must have positive money on the board. Winning at Final Jeopardy means winning the game and being able to continue to face other players at a later date.

Watching “Jeopardy!” makes me think of how much our country is in jeopardy with Joe Biden as president. He does not have quick recall, knowledge of what’s going on around him or the ability to make a decision quickly, let alone a correct one. Biden and his poor decision making has put our democratic republic in true jeopardy and is contrary to common sense.

Gas prices have doubled since he closed our pipeline and we are no longer energy independent. The Afghanistan withdrawal was a total train wreck internationally and his lame treatment of Communist China invites the end of Taiwan while Biden is president. You are kidding yourself if you think anything this administration is doing is good for America.

I think Biden and his fellow Democrats are now domestic enemies of average Americans. They want complete and total control of everything in America. If you think open borders, sanctuary cities and defunding the police are beneficial, you are either brain dead or lost to the leftist anti-American ideology.

Thank God most Kentuckians are right-thinking Americans and support conservative causes which made America great. We need conservatives elected at every level to public office in 2022, including municipal, county, state and federal and don’t forget school boards.

Every choice Biden makes brings the USA closer to losing final jeopardy, which means the end of the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

Quoting Cheryl Benitez, Hardin County GOP chair, “It is not about politics; it’s about our future.” Standing up to evil is the only way to defeat it.

Jim Weise, Vice Chair

Hardin County GOP


Interview candidate troubled by questions

I interviewed recently with a regional employer. Firstly, I’m a lady welder who’s used to having to work extra hard to earn respect from co-workers. I interviewed with a man, who’s second question for me was “Have you ever dealt with sexism in the workplace?” I said, “Sure, here and there.”

The interviewer said flat out that he has a zero tolerance policy for such thing, but I could possibly encounter it because he has “a bunch of rednecks out there,” which implied that he knows there is sexism in his workplace. He said I wouldn’t be “coddled” at this place. I said I didn’t expect to be and explained how I’m accustomed to working projects alone and have a vast knowledge of blueprints and fabrication.

Then he said, “We’ve hired several women who couldn’t handle it.” I simply said, “I’m sure you’ve hired several guys who couldn’t handle it” hoping to end this line of conversation but the he continued with a story about “the last girl” and how she wanted everyone around her to pick up her slack. Trying to be reassuring, I said I grew up doing farm work, milling and logging. He asked how good a welder I was, I said “pretty good.” He said, “OK, well you will be tested.” This is common practice, I told him I was prepared.

Then he mentioned my pay request. The company had advertised $14-$20 for this position. I requested $21 but he said he for sure couldn’t offer me that, he started to say a number he could offer me, then finished his sentence with “Nah, I can’t do that. Not with the experience you have.” Apparently, a decade of experience doesn’t cut it. He explained a lot of people have high expectations when they come in but in reality they are willing to take less. However, I feel like my starting pay was referenced against previous female employees.

I thanked him for his time and left. I am left wondering, are all minorities being compared to their predecessors while being seated in that office?

Kameron Grey

Vine Grove

Stop ignoring plan for peaceful life

Today, peace, truth and love are so elusive. Lies pass as truth. Love of money and power have replaced love of God, neighbor and self. Jesus, the Prince of Peace, gave us a peace prescription, or plan, which Christians today still continue to ignore.

Paul L. Whiteley Sr.


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According to Weise, "We need conservatives elected at every level to public office in 2022". But the Republicans are all on board with the Trump train to fascism and Trump plans to run in 2024. If he wins another term, Trump will privatise the schools, dismantle the Post Office, ignore his advisors, and bully anyone who disagrees with him. What if he starts a war with China? Will a general step in to keep him under control?

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