School boards have legitimate concerns

The inappropriate title “Strong-arm tactics aim to silence you” above a letter published Oct. 17 ignores the legitimate concerns of school boards across the country as they face increasing threats, intimidation and disruption at meetings. The issue gained attention after a letter dated Sept. 29 and available online was sent to President Joe Biden by the National School Boards Association asking for help.

There was no arbitrary decision or evil plan by the federal government to intervene as implied in the local letter. The NSBA letter, which has 24 detailed references, describes shocking incidents in many states. These are not just concerned parents raising their voices. These are people causing board meetings to be disrupted or canceled. They are threatening board members directly and through the media. They are causing board members to resign because of fear for their safety and the safety of their families.

The NSBA letter does not request midnight arrests by jackboot wearing Gestapo henchmen, as the local letter would have you believe. The school boards just want to do their jobs while respecting input offered “in a peaceful manner.” That is not an unreasonable request. To suggest that it indicates the country is descending into a Cuba-style dictatorship is absurd, especially when compared to Donald Trump’s attempt to violently reverse a legitimate election.

The same local letter’s “conflict of interest” connection alleging that Attorney General Merrick Garland is trying to protect his son-in-law’s company is extremely speculative at best and illustrates how the far right continues to manufacture controversies without a shred of evidence. Two others that come to mind are Trump’s “fraudulent election” baloney and his claims about Barack Obama not being born in the U.S. No evidence is offered, just relentless promotion of Trump delusions. The tidal wave of lies continues with the whitewashing of Trump’s mob assault on our nation’s capital.

We need a break from these fake crises but the Fox News talking heads need to earn their multi-million dollar paychecks. Stay tuned for more.

Bruce Thompson


‘Whistleblower’ has intelligence support

The Associated Press article, “People or profit?,” omitted any mention of the source, Frances Haugen, a former employee of Facebook. According to the Grayzone: “While Haugen has presented herself as a ‘whistleblower’ who risked it all to expose the secrets of the powerful, she was cultivated and legally represented by an organization led by former intelligence insiders with close ties to the U.S. national security state. Called Whistleblower Aid, the outfit was founded by a national security lawyer, Mark Zaid, who has been accused of ratting out his client, CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling, to his employers in Langley.”


The real whistleblowers are vilified as traitors in the mainstream media and may be fugitives or held incommunicado in prison.

James Troy


Since 9/11 attacks, influence has changed

Dr. Muhammad Babar, in his writing of 9/11’s effect on Muslim Americans, gives a plaintive account of one Muslim’s life in America. Martin Mawyer in his book “Twilight In America” paints a far different picture of many Muslims’ life in America. He mentions compounds in the countryside in many states where police, Christians and Jews don’t go, and several men have several wives each with each wife getting welfare benefits, thereby “milking” our welfare system. In large cities, there are no-go zones where police, Christians and Jews don’t go and the people live as much as they would in a mideastern country, especially in treating women as property. There’s no assimilation.

Muslims have organizations that push for special treatments such as foot baths in many places and for Sharia Law in court cases involving Muslims. Meanwhile, Christians and Jews have lost influence since 9/11.

Joseph Armstrong


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