Listen to advice of trusted doctor

I’m vaccinated and I personally would encourage others to either get vaccinated or to speak to their physicians about whether any of the vaccines for COVID-19 are appropriate for them to receive in light of their medical history.

It is truly sad to see “conspiracy theories” affecting sound medical judgment by many during this pandemic. And it is wrong for President Joe Biden to mandate vaccines. Only in foreign countries run by dictators are a population forced to do with — or — to their bodies what the government dictates. “My body, my choice” is a logic-impaired argument on the issue of abortion, when you have another living being inside the womb of a mother-to-be. For vaccines, medicine or anything else of such likes. “My body, my choice” means just exactly that. Not “my body, my government’s choice.”

I realize that “the catch” here is the danger of someone who refuses the vaccine, contracts COVID-19 and then spreads COVID to other people. That, by itself, supersedes “My body, my choice.” Considering this grave reality, there would be nothing wrong for President Biden or businesses to mandate getting tested for COVID once or twice a week if you don’t want to get vaccinated. Such an approach is constitutional, less dictatorial, a way of keeping others safe and certainly better for the economy considering the number of people who are refusing to return to work and also quitting their jobs because of the vaccine mandate.

I believe distrust of President Biden and his vaccine mandate is justified. Distrust of Dr. Anthony Fauci and his medical advice also is justified. That same distrust should spread to the conspiracy theorists promoting their own theories on the COVID-19 vaccine.

If you see a doctor who you trust, please listen to them regarding the vaccine instead of internet conspiracy theorists. Their guidance will help us beat this pandemic faster than any conspiracy theorist, President Biden or Dr. Fauci will.

Brandon Strassell


Registration numbers reflect policy errors

“America First” resonates with people. President Joe Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan, leaving our fellow Americans and Green Card holders behind and gifting our military equipment to the Taliban, who in turn will sell the technology to the Chinese and the Russians, was not putting America first.

He didn’t retain the airport we built and paid for in Kabul, which we need in maintaining peace. He says the Taliban are business-like and cooperative, that is when they are not beheading 9- and 10-year-old boys and whipping women in the street. He also wants to give them international recognition which entitles them to international money and access to institutions.

Our children were not put first when schools shut down and masks were mandated when the risk of COVID to the little ones was small.

Americans were not first when our businesses were locked down and could not recover, while other states did not lock down and managed COVID well.

Our veterans are homeless and jobless while 1.5 million migrants are given money, health care and housed. Our border is overrun, hospitals in Texas are overrun and motels are full. They are not being tested for COVID because Jen Psaki says they don’t plan on staying long. Really? All the while bringing in disease. No other country will take them.

America was first when we were energy independent. But on day one President Biden ended the Keystone XL pipeline, while enabling Russia to complete theirs and he prohibits any new pipelines.

I believe President Biden wants us to be totally dependent on the government. Inflation, mandates, threats of denial of housing and travel if the unvaccinated don’t comply with the experimental vaccine. You have to have a nine-month trial for full-term babies to evaluate birth defects.

Texas is putting America first. They want to build the wall to protect the people, If the government won’t do it, they will.

“America Last” is why the Democrat Party registration is dwindling. I say, “Welcome!”

Toni White


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