Voting story headline was lacking

I read with dismay the article published Sept. 17 on Page A2, headed “Voters improperly placed on inactive list.” You have to read the article to see the headline is inaccurate.

Months ago, I wrote a letter about a the National Voters Registration Act and a consent decree signed by Alison Lundergan Grimes, because she was not following federal law. Just as said by Mr. Dearing, voters that have not voted in the last two federal elections, would be placed in a status which eventually would remove them from the voting roles, not immediately.

But you don’t get that from the headline. This inaccurate claim voters were made inactive improperly by Mr. Self, of the Democrat chairman, is what was trumpeted by the headline in the article. Although this article was written by the Associated Press, The News-Enterprise selected and published the article. The headline leads many to believe The News-Enterprise either does not properly screen articles published, endorses misleading the public or, the most damning, endorses the political position of the state Democrat Party in an area not labeled opinion.

I know local papers rely on national news-gathering organizations, but presenting inaccurate or biased information, which I have seen with increased frequency, surely will kill a local paper. Proper editing and presentation is in order for people to trust the information.

Mark Shouse


Questions selection of Ukrainian story

While it must be conceded that a regional newspaper cannot aspire to be all things to all readers, it is difficult not to conclude that The News-Enterprise engaged in poor editorial judgment in its Friday, Sept. 27, edition through its selection of stories concerning the unfolding Ukraine scandal.

The News-Enterprise printed only an Associated Press story regarding Ukrainian President Zelensky’s chagrin at the release of the transcript of his July 25 telephone conversation with President Donald Trump. It is impossible not to sympathize with a Ukrainian president having to kowtow to the strongarm tactics of President Trump in order to acquire urgently needed military assistance and then having the sordid transaction made public; however, was this the only newsworthy part of the Ukrainian saga to emerge before the press time for the Friday edition? Did the wire services fail to report the release Wednesday evening of the whistleblower’s complaint to House and Senate committees or the release to the public of a redacted version of it Thursday morning? Did word fail to reach The News-Enterprise of the testimony Thursday morning by acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire before the House Select Committee on Intelligence? Did The News-Enterprise fail to learn of efforts by the White House to conceal the existence of the July 25 conversation in an inaccessible computer network? Did the newspaper not get wind of President Trump’s not-so-veiled threats Thursday morning to the whistleblower’s sources: “I want to know who’s the person who gave the whistle-blower the information because that’s close to a spy. You know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart with spies and treason, right? We used to handle it a little differently than we do now.”

Disregard for this torrent of news does a grave disservice to its readers. This approach to reporting is at best misleading and at worst seems willfully biased. With this brand of news coverage, is it any wonder that readers can find themselves in an epistemic bubble impenetrable by any contrary, displeasing, unsettling fact?

David Routt

Richmond, Virginia

Animal control offers no-cost solution

A few days ago, I wrote a letter to the editor about a cat problem in Radcliff. Since then I have been informed by animal control and a friend that animal control will spay and neuter cats at no cost to you but you must call them to make an appointment If you have no way to get the cats to them, you may make arragements for them to come to you and pick up the cats.

Jerry Cooke


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David Routt The News-Enterprise is owned by a Conservative Biased owner and the County of Hardin County and the Cities are all Conservative Biased. I have personally confronted the lack of consistent truthful reporting of news. It appears in Kentucky the news networks rely on political pundits to balance out their news. We have contributors of extreme right-wing or left-wing viewpoints to generate sales. The AP stories are brief and fail in everyway to tell a whole story.


Mark Shouse, so you believe if you miss an election or two you should be removed from the voter registration? Why? What purpose does it serve to make voting more difficult? The entire voting process has rules and regulations. You move to an area you register to vote and you should be done. You do not vote for six or ten years but one day you decide to go vote why should you be penalized to jump through a single hoop? This process of being removed from voting is designed to decrease voting populations. Voting in America should be a National holiday with a day off to vote. Double the number of polling centers. A month of early voting and Voting time extended to eleven pm. This is America and we should be the Beacon to the whole world as to how Democracy works. But after 18 years of fraud in Florida, they still can not get it right. This is 2019 and there are still voting fights gong on.

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