Sound the alarm about American Families Plan

Thank you, Allison Ball, Kentucky state treasurer, for sounding the alarm concerning Joe Biden’s American Families Plan (Opinion page, Sept. 18-19). In this invasion of our privacy, he will require all banks and credit unions to report to the IRS all of our withdrawals and deposits of more than $600.

How and where I receive and spend my money is none of the government’s business. Barack Obama weaponized the IRS and Biden is using it to target the middle class once again. After all, the middle class are the ones who challenge government authoritarian power-grabbing and the government wants to bankrupt the middle class, rendering us powerless.

If this provision goes through, who thinks they will be satisfied to merely monitor for tax evasion? I suspect it wouldn’t be long before they go to the next step to penalize citizens who fail to comply to governmental demands by withdrawing a monetary penalty from that person’s account. The money is gone and you have no recourse.

We can stop this if we contact our banks, credit unions, Senators Mitch McConnell ( and Rand Paul ( and your representative in Congress ( Find your voice and make yourself heard.

When will the good citizens of this great country decide that they have had enough? How much tyranny are you willing to accept?

Melanie VanTassel


List of shame omits some obvious choices

A recent letter featuring the so-called “Hall of Shame” left out a few stars of the show.

If Donald Trump’s persistent election fraud lie and attempted violent reversal of a legitimate national election doesn’t deserve inclusion then the entire letter lacks credibility. Ashli Babbitt and others would not have died if Trump had not assembled his mob on the capital lawn in the name of his Big Lie. If he had not incited the mob to commit violence against the heart of our democracy the families of those dead and injured would not have been traumatized. The outnumbered officers who were bravely doing their job in the capital would not be enduring undeserved harassment. The violent Trump loyalists who are heading to jail would not have that well-earned stain on their records.

Yet Trump leaves these people under the bus as he continues his pathetic charade. “Shameful” is a word too kind to describe his behavior.

The second addition to the “shame” list should be the Trump-infatuated governors of Texas and Florida who oppose lifesaving mandates to fight the COVID virus. Despite the desperate appeals of exhausted health care personnel who are hailed as heroes, those same heroes are ignored when a political agenda is at stake. Hundreds of people die every day because of the governors’ negligence.

Shameful indeed.

Bruce Thompson


Acceptance of Iran is trouble for U.S.

The admission Friday of Iran to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is very significant and spells trouble for the U.S. Perhaps it is just as significant to ask why they were admitted. According to “Iran’s economy had reached a state, where it could adapt itself to the sanctions, and, despite some hiatuses in the previous government, can innovate precise and effective ways to neutralize the sanctions. It is these very areas of competence that have prompted the other parties at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to accept Iran as a member so this capacity could be drawn upon towards creation of an economic-political-security bloc against the United States.”

I believe the overuse of sanctions has led to the SCO which will lead to dedollarization and economic problems here in the U.S.

James Troy


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It looks like Mr. Thompson continues to make comments without doing his homework first. The latest statistics from NBC, (Yea, I know NBC is often fake news) show that the Democrat run states of New York and California lead the country in Covid deaths with a total of 125,098 deaths while Florida and Texas account for 117,207 deaths. (Do you remember Cuomo sending Covid patients to nursing homes infecting nursing home residents causing even more deaths all the while sexually abusing female staffers?) This only shows that, regardless of whom is governor, that Covid can be deadly.


The US will try to sabotage the SCO:

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