Decisions unfairly stacked against city

Radcliff is being discriminated against. Radcliff residents pay our taxes but are not being fairly represented by the county or the state. We have seen the closure of our branch of the vehicle registration and now the library. Where is our representation as citizens in Hardin County? We have seen Fort Knox basically close its doors to us military retirees and we now are forced to utilize the newly named Baptist Health Hardin, they must have been overjoyed that they have a captive population just waiting to deliver co-pays and insurance-related care their way from the military populace.

The vote came about twice to fund the library with a special tax and both times it was shot down. Meanwhile, a library serves its patrons in Elizabethtown. Classification wording and a sleight of hand allowed a booming Elizabethtown to charge a restaurant tax and fill the coffers, while Radcliff being honest classified itself a Class 2 city and can receive no such tax dollars. OOPS! So much for being honest.

My rant is a simple one of being displaced by bean counters who love to play to their strengths and forget about Radcliff and Vine Grove, West Point, Glendale, etc.

It’s an election year. We all want change as we have a right to expect change to better support our communities. So I call upon you residents of Hardin County outside of the county seat to demand a fair shake. The convenience should be returned to us, the taxpayers, as we are all represented, especially every time you dine in Elizabethtown and pay to fill the coffers there. I ask that as voting citizens we stand for representation and against discrimination in our tax dollars.

Metro government scares the daylights out of the swamp but it would be a viable fix for equal representation of tax dollars and eliminate the city of one and make it a city of the many.

David Galassini


Looking into Chinese control in U.S.

Who can forget how the Democrats and the mainstream media, claimed day after day for over two years, that Russian President Vladmir Putin and President Donald Trump worked hand in glove, to steal the election from poor Hillary Clinton? How often did they claim that it was unacceptable to have our nation’s leader beholden and controlled by a foreign power?

Yet, their false claims were shown to be the product of a corrupt investigation which unlawfully spied on American citizens. But now, they seem wholly unconcerned by how their own candidate, Joe Biden, is compromised and beholden to the Chinese communist government.

Details of this can be found both in Peter Sweizer’s book, “Profiles in Corruption” and in his recently released documentary, “Riding The Dragon,” which can be found online by searching for “Riding The Dragon.”

I watched the 40-minute documentary and it was a real eye opener. While then-VP Joe Biden was making official trips to Communist China with his son in tow, it seems his son, Hunter, was there setting up business deals – much as he did in Ukraine – with the corrupt gas company, BURISMA. Hunter had no experience in the gas industry.

In China, the main deal was when the Communist Chinese government controlled banks, placed more than $1 billion in an investment fund, in which Hunter was a co-owner, Bohai Harvest RST.

So how does someone with no experience in investment banking get such a great deal? Do you think this would give China considerable leverage over Joe Biden should he be elected?

Had it been Donald Trump Jr. or Eric Trump involved in something like this, would the mainstream media be as mute as they are now?

I have heard it said, “if Biden wins, China wins!” Seems Biden would be wholly owned by the Chinese, to the tune of $1 billion. Just think, that if “Made in China” is on much of what we buy now, what would it be when China owns our president – a president whose mental capabilities seem to be questionable, at best. Like his running mate Kamala Harris has said, “in a Harris Administration ...”

People, please inform yourselves and vote informed.

Alma Medley


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More Fake News from the NY Times. They won't name their sources, won't reveal how they got their information, won't reveal the documents. Nothing. Reporters from the NY Times, The Atlantic and whiny Christine Blasey Ford must have all went to school together.


Let’s be fair. Close all public libraries. It’s 2020, they are an unnecessary financial drain.


Steve hit the nail on the head SOOOO! Right


In re Decisions Unfairly stacked against city. I agree with all, except for the last paragraph suggesting a merged metro-like government as a solution. Yes, merging would allow for these extra taxes to be paid throughout the entire area, BUT the people in Radcliff would not benefit from them; the taxes would go to metro government.

And given only very minority representation at the metro level, we would give control over the number of police, fire, city services, roads and etc. to these same folks who don’t care about us now.

I am discovering in my research that we - the north end- appear to being shortchanged in our school system as well.

Yes, we need to take action!

For the County services we need to pressure: our magistrates – Goodman, Easter, and King, County Judge Harry Berry, County Clerk Debbie Donnelly, and Circuit Clerk Loretta Crady.

We also need to pressure our City Council persons for them to get involved and active in bringing political pressure to bear on the higher levels of government.

Now, during campaign season is a great time to really look at what the candidates and incumbents are talking about. Are they addressing these issues or not? If not, then they may not be in step with your and our priorities.

Vote wisely.

Independent Mind

Bless his heart Donald Trump is a pitifully inept businessman.

A stunning New York Times exposé of the President's tax returns Sunday revealed a pitifully inept businessman and a serial tax avoider crushed by massive debts that could expose him to conflicts of interest given his position as President and power to help undisclosed lenders.

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