Political commercial confuses the point

Watching a commercial promoting the re-election of Sen. Mitch McConnell, by declaring what he will do, if re-elected, set me to thinking. The commercial claims, if re-elected, he will stop the unfair trade advantage China now enjoys and make China answer for hiding the dangers of COVID-19 from the rest of the world. (I am not sure how that is going to work.) Such drivel is exactly why he should be sent packing.

He has been in the Senate 36 years and over those years has passed more than a dozen pieces of legislation that gave China the advantage in trade it currently enjoys and sent our jobs over there. And as far as the claim Sen. McConnell was hoodwinked by the Chinese, who managed to hide the gravity of the coronavirus from us, there were more than enough hints that should have warranted further investigation.

He is in a tough spot. I understand this. The federal government ceded the job of controlling the spread of the virus to the states, when only a single, unified course of action had any hope of succeeding. The tariff wars with China during this administration equally failed. Farmers and manufacturing operations were left hanging out to dry, and the only reason they didn’t was government subsidy band-aids that Mr. McConnell did play a part in enacting.

All of this reminds of a scene from the film, “Oh Brother Where Art Thou,” when George Clooney and his two fellow escapees became involved in a gubernatorial race. The challenger put a man on the back of a flat-bed truck, where he was sweeping with a broom, while a loudspeaker was calling for a clean sweep. The governor was lamenting the strategy, when someone said he should do the same thing. The governor told him when you are in office, you don’t campaign on the promise of cleaning house and sweeping change. That may be something the McConnell campaign should keep in mind.

Kentucky and the nation do need a clean sweep and Amy McGrath and Joe Biden are the persons to do the house cleaning. Mitch, you have had your chance.

Sherry Keith Kelley


Economy extends improvement pattern

July brought another increase in jobs and drop in the unemployment rate. This can be found, not in RNC taking points, but in a CNBC article on Aug. 7 which reported nearly 1.8 million jobs added back to the economy and an unemployment rate of 10.3 percent.

The Dow Jones Average also continued its recovery closing Aug. 28 at 28,653.87. This is down slightly from this year’s high on Feb. 12 of 29,551.42 which was before the economic shutdown caused by the Chinese Wuhan virus.

This recovery would no doubt be stronger but for the last four months of rioting which has destroyed small businesses in cities such as Portland; Seattle; Chicago; Denver; Kenosha, Wisconsin; and yes, even Louisville. I find it interesting these Democratic mayors and governors had no problem telling people not to go to work or church to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but did little to stop the riots tearing this nation apart. National Democratic leaders such as Joe Biden did not bother to speak out on this until after CNN’s Don Lemon warned this was hurting the Democrat’s poll numbers.

In 2016, President Donald Trump traveled to Flint, Michigan, and a number of other Democrat-controlled cities. After witnessing the poverty, blight and decay there, he asked residents for their votes and asked, “What do you have to lose?” Upon his election, he worked to bring back jobs to the U.S. and renegotiated trade deals such as NAFTA. He teamed with Congress to establish opportunity zones to revive these cities. Now it seems BLM and ANITFA have turned these opportunity zones into war zones with looted businesses and burned buildings.

I have heard elections have consequences. The people of these cities are suffering the consequences of electing radical, progressive Democrats. Is this what you want for Kentucky? Is this what you want for this nation?

It will be your chance to decide on Nov. 3. Choose wisely.

Patrick McElvaney


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Trump needs to go. You’re fired! Take McConnell with ya! And Pelosi too, for that matter! Americans keep complaining about their politicians, yet can’t seem to wrap their minds around the fact that these two parties, with all their money, is what has corrupted Washington. You’re being played. Don the Con knows what I’m talking about. What started as a publicity stunt worked better that he ever could have imagined. He and his family are raking it in. They’re making deals and expanding their network and brand worldwide.


I'LL GUARANTEE YOU THAT IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO WAS PRESIDENT WHEN THIS WUHAN FLU HIT THAT THE RESULTS WOULD HAVE BEEN THE SAME. Bush, Obama, Biden, I don't care. What good does it do to test and track? Nothing other than having Lil' Andy tell you everyday. What is testing and tracking accomplished now? Nothing. Just like face mask mandates. Since Andy has instituted his the rate has skyrocketed. Trump was going to be criticized because that's all the Democrats had left. The Russian Collusion Delusion, the biggest conspiracy in the history of the US failed them. So did the Impeachment Hoax. The Wuhan flu was all that was left. While Trump was restricting travel from China, where the flu originated and everyone agrees was beneficial, Democrats Pelosi and DeBlasio were happily dancing in the streets of their respective Chinatowns calling Trump a racist and xenophobe. The Democrats can fool the uninformed and uneducated but not knowledgeable Americans.


Get help soon!


The unemployment rate was 3.7% in August 2019 and was 8.4% in August 2020 as the direct result of the pandemic. There are 193,000 dead from COVID19 AND there will likely be another 50,000 dead by election day. Trump's failure to make testing and tracking a national priority is a big part of the problem. Trump has fired or sidelined any of his advisors that disagree with him -- who's going to tell him to avoid a nuclear war?

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