New wrongs never correct old errors

The article in Sunday’s paper titled, “Teach, Don’t Glorify Confederate’s Story” was interesting, especially the beginning with the African American child. I get what the Confederate statues stand for, but I think there’s another viewpoint. I’m sure the townsfolk “donning weapons” are aware of the meaning of the statue.

The article said, “On some level, those who stood around the statue donning weapons during a recent Black Lives Matter protest in Brandenburg knew this. But for some reason, those counter-protesters felt it was more important to stand in solidarity with an inanimate object than with African Americans.”

Should they have let the protesters have their way with the statue? Do two wrongs make a right?

They were not only pro­tec­ting a statue, but pro­tec­ting their town from pro­testers, black and white, that have never set foot in Bran­den­burg before that night. Had they not been there, what would have happened? The statue would have been graffitied, or even worse, torn down. Both of these possibilities go beyond First Amendment rights. It goes from protest to riot, vandalism and possibly looting. They have the right to peaceably assemble. There’s nothing peaceable about vandalism and graffiti.

Had they been able to tear it up, then the child asks, “What happened to this statue and town?” You’d have to tell him that people who look like him and their friends came into town and tore up the statue and every­thing else they could get away with.

This is not a protest anymore, it’s a riot out of control. These Antifa and rioters are tearing statues down just because they’re statues. In California and group tore down a statue of Ulysses S. Grant. He fought for the North, against Robert E. Lee. He didn’t own slaves. These people don’t know their history and are running amok, and sadly getting away with most of it.

As far as Brandenburg goes, it’s their statue and if you don’t live there, stay out of it.

Jeff Rogers


Divisions of past don’t add up today

Teach, don’t glorify Con­federate’s story. It sounds so simple and supposedly moral theme. But how do you teach a small child what “hot is” until he or she actually feels it?

Winston Churchill said, “History is written by the victors.” Do you know anything about the Morrill Act of 1861? Do you know what tariffs of 40 percent would do to your state’s economy? Did you know slave traders were primarily in northern states? Did you know Abraham Lincoln said in his first inaugural address that he had no intentions of abolishing slavery? Did you know he was more concerned about the tariffs because that was the U.S.’s primary funding of the treasury?

Why are the activists tearing down U.S. Grant’s statue? Why are they defacing and destroying Lincoln’s and Jefferson’s statues?

Laws have been in place for many years about equal rights, but breaking laws today by vandalism or violence does not correct the situation today. The Phari­sees were critical of Jesus and said there was nothing good that come out of Galilee. Did He commit acts of violence or vandalism?

“All men are created equal” but it stops there. Some are born in poverty while others are born into wealth. Some are born with frail, sickly bodies, while others are born healthy. Even in high school there were social classes with some being the well to do people, while other were made to feel insufficient.

Did we go to England and tear down statues of their patriots of leaders after the Revolutionary War? Just as this early nation wanted, the South wanted to be left alone. That was their primary resolve.

Harry S. Truman said, “The only thing new in this world is the history we haven’t read.” No matter how you view the division at that time, we need to learn from it, and not be guilty of division today.

Ralph E. Hart


Thankful for action of Meade residents

Kudos and attaboys to the vigilant citizens of Bran­den­burg and Meade County. Their decisive and no-nonsense response to an obvious threat effectively prevented the destruction of community property by a mindless and soulless mob.

It apparently is not yet apparent to many that this wholesale destruction is not about the Confederacy. It is not about Columbus, it’s not about the “racist Founders,” it’s not about the “white colonizers,” it’s not about the “mostly peaceful protests.” This is about Western civilization and our (the U.S.) place in it if it even survives the assault. They will not stop at our monuments — they never have — and with little exception we have given them no indication that there will be any significant push back.

Again, thank you Bran­denburg.

The mob already has announced its intentions to destroy our houses of worship and religious art. There is nothing in the historical data base that would give us to believe that the mob, by whatever name is in vogue, will stop with our monuments and icons. If left to run its course, the mob will come after individuals it deems to be inappropriate. Always has, always will. The CHOP/CHAZ tribe in Seattle already has started doing just that and it is less than a month old.

Claud Richardson


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I understand both sides of this argument about the monuments and statues. I empathize with both sides as well. It's history either way you look at it. On one side it's a proud history of the people from the south that fought in the civil war. On the other side that history is one of slavery, subservience, pain and death from the same civil war. However that pain is still prevalent in today's society for black people and people of color. Slavery may have ended officially with the civil war but, racism, and discrimination are alive and well this very day. To deny that racism exists is only sticking you're head in the sand to ignore it. Now not all racism is done by white people. Some black people and people of color are just as racist as some white people. So we are all to blame, however by and large it's the white community that is keeping racism alive and well. Rioting and looting will not solve the issue it only makes it worse. Leaving the statues of confederate generals and stuff also only fans that racism. It's a daily reminder to black people and people of color about racism and that painful history. So i fell they should be taken down and put in a museum where they can be preserved and the history preserved and shared along the way. The history should not and will not be forgotten because if it is, one day it may be repeated. I would guess that not many people around Brandenburg could tell you who that statue is of and what they stood for. At least not until the protests and the "armed Guards" They were just there to protect a confederate monument and keep the BLM protesters out.

Again, i can see both sides. I heard a good analogy the other day for all the people wanting to keep the statues. If your ancestors had been held as slaves, beaten, tortured and sold like livestock. Then given freedom only to face discrimination hangings, and abuse for your color. Where would you like us to put up the statues of those "heroes"

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