“My Brother, Muhammad Ali – The Definitive Biography” now is in bookstores after its release last week.

Rahaman Ali, the younger brother of The Greatest of All Time” and who is managed and promoted by Rockbrash Promotions, has written the book with Fiaz Rafiq and a foreword by NFL legend Jim Brown, along with an endorsement by former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson.

“Rahaman has, at last, written the definitive biography on his late brother, which tells the real Ali story,” Tyson wrote.

The USA edition is published by Rowman & Littlefield.

“I have so much to tell the world about Muhammad Ali and I am so happy that folks in America will now be able to purchase the book locally,” Rahaman said.

According to a news release, “More words have been written about Muhammad Ali than almost anyone else. He was, without doubt, the world’s most-loved sportsman. At the height of his celebrity, he was the most famous person in the world. And yet, until now, the one voice missing belonged to the man who knew him best – his only sibling and best friend, Rahaman Ali.

Born Cassius and Rudolph Arnett Clay, the brothers grew up together in Louisville, lived together, trained, traveled and fought together. He saw Ali “at both his best and his worst: the relentless prankster and the jealous older brother,” the promotion said.

Ron Brashear, a native of Elizabeth­town and a 2018 Elizabethtown In­depen­dent Schools’ Tradition of Excellence Award winner, is the business manager and advisor to Rahaman Ali. Brashear is a nephew of Carl Brashear, the late U.S. Navy diver profile in the 2000 feature film “Men of Honor.”

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