Perspective is a tough word to wrap your mind around when you’re 17.

You live for the moment and nothing more, and you’re not alone — most of us former 17-year-olds have done it. Some still do.

The big picture of life, well, that’s what old people so often preach to teens.

Well, one day, you kids who walked off the Elizabethtown Athletic Complex turf Saturday afternoon or the ones who saw their high school sports experiences end somewhere else around the area this month, one day you will understand what perspective is all about.

The Elizabethtown soccer Panthers may have found another postseason barrier Saturday in a loss to St. Xavier and soccer teams from Central Hardin and North Hardin didn’t keep their seasons alive as long as they wanted. Same for volleyball teams, golfers and cross country runners.

A season ending is not a sign of failure, and certainly not in this crazy 2020 — especially not in 2020.

Each practice, each game, should have been taken a precious gift.

Sure, the schedules didn’t have as many games on it and there were wide gaps in the stands with a limit placed on how many fans could attend a game. And, you’re tired of getting your temperature taken and wearing masks and distancing yourself from kids you’ve know for years.

You think this season has been unfair?

Ask members of the Fort Knox High School football team about what is unfair or the soccer kids on post.

Their seasons were over before they started. They never had a chance.

In an instant, their playing careers were over.

The teams that have been able to play fall sports like the season-interrupted-by-COVID Central Hardin football team, these are cherished times you are living in — times that will mean much more to you in 10, 20 years than they do at the moment.

Because these times we are living in, the next moment more than ever, could be snatched away from you in a heartbeat.

Just ask the Henderson County boys’ soccer team. The 2nd Region champions won the title last week and within hours, learned they had been exposed to someone who had tested positive for COVID-19.

Their season was over, just like that as they had to forfeit their state tournament opener to South Warren Saturday.

You want to see unfair? Look around, it’s in a lot of places.

In time, the hurt the soccer Panthers feel today as their season came to an end, will ease. It will sting, but not nearly as it did Saturday night realizing that a game many had played for a dozen years, was over.

These days, having an opportunity to just play should mean so much.

If you don’t think so, ask members of the Fort Knox football team.

They know what true loss is all about — not being able to even have a chance.

Jeff D’Alessio can be reached at 270-505-1757 or

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All that psychological trauma, all the emotional distress, all the permanent damage to so many, for what reason?

Who decided to inflict such large sweeping damage to so many? And how did they justify their decision? Did they carefully evaluate all the information, the factual risks, or were they threatened with shame and social defamation, or even legal threats?

WHERE did all this “unfairness” come from?

Is it justified? If so, prove with facts not feelings and fear, before you force unfairness and permanent adverse effects on a group.

Denying truth before your eyes, because someone “told you to , or else” should demand probing questions and deep scrutiny. When will the goal posts stop moving? When will truth be our guide again? Will it ever?

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