LOUISVILLE — Louisville Slugger has announced a new sponsorship with Louisville-based Norton Sports Performance for the opening of the world’s first diagnostic and analytic swing lab for both baseball and fastpitch softball players.

The facility, known as the Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center, will be located in the new Norton Sports Health Performance & Wellness Center, inside a renovated 26,000-square-foot training space at the site of the former Louisville Athletic Club on Westport Road.

Exercise scientists will utilize state-of-the-art technology to analyze a wide range of data points from a player’s swing and reaction time and then design custom training programs to help them become better hitters.

“Our mission is to become the gold standard in baseball and fastpitch softball education and instruction,” said Chad Miller, founder of the facility. “We will have an authentic baseball laboratory using the latest technology to help players fine-tune their game through measurable analytics like neuro response times and other important neurological and physical factors. Numbers don’t lie, so we can identify specifically what each player needs to work on and then create individualized programs to help those athletes improve.”

A bat fitting lab will be housed within the center, where the data collected will be utilized by Louisville Slugger bat experts to provide guidance and support to amateur, college and pro players on selecting bat models best suited for them. That will include such aspects as barrel size, handle and knob style, length, weight distribution and, for those using wood bats, the specific species of wood.

The proximity of the bat fitting lab to the Louisville Slugger wood bat factory will allow players to hit their new bats and make adjustments on the same day.

“Pro players have always selected bats based on feel,” said Kevin Uhrhan, who works directly with major leaguers as the Louisville Slugger manager for professional baseball. “Feel will remain part of it, but now we’ll be able to take the data from each hitter’s analysis and help them narrow down to the bat models and specifications that will help them have the most success.

The facility is expected to open early next year.

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