While hindsight, they say is 20/20, we can all pretty much agree that 2020 has sucked on a variety of levels.

We have seen Karen and whomever her male counterpart is make too many appearances.

We have seen the nation basically shut down, open up and, well, you know.

We watched sports get the ax in March and now anxiously await its return at the high school level, following golf.

Iowa just finished its high school baseball state championships with the following numbers:

- 94 percent of teams were unaffected by COVID-19

- 96 percent finished the season

- All infections reportedly were mild

- Fans were allowed all season

The attendance for the four-class state baseball tournament was 6,574, 199 spectators less than 2019.

The attendance for the five-class state softball tournament was 17,151, less than 400 short of the average attendance.

So, it can be done.

The good thing in Kentucky is that the KHSAA has made it very clear that it wants sports to resume.

The hard part is the main intangible to help that green light are people throughout the state wearing masks.

Come on, people, mask up.

Last week the KHSAA Board of Control voted to prolong Segment 3 through Aug. 23.

Practice for cross country, soccer, football and volleyball begins Aug. 24 for one week of 7½ hours and full practice begins Aug. 31.

Cross county, soccer and volleyball competition starts Sept. 7 and football Sept. 11.

Football, soccer and volleyball will not be allowed to have scrimmages against other teams.

There will be a Board of Control meeting Aug. 20 to make sure the green light is still lit.

We all understand that high school athletics has a completely different look since mid-March, but now that everything has been looked at through different lenses, different perspectives and different angles, how much of this creativity will stick around?

Soccer players will get to Aug. 24 in better condition than they have been in their young athletic careers and will have had more footwork drills than what seems like in all their years combined.

How do coaches take what they have done since June 28 and incorporate that into their yearly routine?

How do the players take what they have learned and spend time perfecting it?

Cross country is cross country and I still do not understand how it has to wait until next month to compete.

Volleyball and football are different animals.

Serve and serve-receive are as important as anything in sports when it comes to volleyball.

Although teams are able to work endlessly on serving the ball, serve-receive is another matter. How does that look when matches count?

How do coaches work out the kinks without scrimmages?

There are two weeks from the end of Segment 3 to the first match. That’s a lot of 6-on-6 in a short amount time.

In Ohio, volleyball is classified different than in Kentucky and teams in Ohio are allowed five scrimmages and one preview before contests begin Aug. 21.

One question is rather simple, how is the same sport defined so differently in states?

Coaches and staff have had to look at time spent in the gym completely different than before.

How does that change going forward?

Football, though, is on an island when it comes to multiple moving parts.

What happens between now and Aug. 23 doesn’t change a lot regardless of the campus, but will change a lot come Aug. 24.

Do you have a veteran team like North Hardin, or a team that has to replace almost everyone like Central Hardin?

A team like the Trojans will be able to do things that a team like the Bruins will not be able to do when the pads are donned.

First-year coach Doug Preston is still trying to figure out his John Hardin squad without the aid of repetition.

Through all of this, what do the football coaches take going forward that will be a staple of their program?

In addition, will the KHSAA look at that regular start date in the middle of July, realize that it’s too early, and change the calendar? Do you really need those two weeks in July, or can you start practice Aug. 1?

In Ohio, coaching begins Aug. 1 and the first game is some three weeks later.

Will the bye week remain or can games begin the last week in August and go 10 straight weeks heading into the playoffs?

What will the football coaches use going forward to enhance their programs that maybe would not have been used without what’s going on?

Coaches and staffs have had to be incredibly creative when it comes to teaching their programs.

How much of this creativity will stick around?

Mike Mathison can be reached at 270-505-1758 or mmathison@thenewsenterprise.com.

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