Dear Heloise: Many years ago, my grandmother taught me how to make an afghan, and we made one together, all in yellow for my bedroom. When I got married, she made another one, all in white and ivory as a wedding gift.

As a way to thank her, I made one for her in white and a mint green (her favorite color) to celebrate her 68th birthday. It was my way of expressing my gratitude for the woman who taught me to crochet, to sew and how to cook. I think sometimes the best way to thank someone for all they’ve done for you is to find a way to show them that their lessons were not wasted on you. — Mallory D., Peabody, Massachusetts


Dear Heloise: I know most women, young or old, have busy lives these days. So many of us work at a job, keep house, take care of our children or parents, do the housekeeping, shopping and much more. So it’s especially important that we take care of ourselves.

Once a week we need to carve out some time for ourselves to rest and rejuvenate. I know it’s not easy, but once the kids are put to bed and you have a little time, give yourself a facial made from egg whites and a little powdered milk mixed together, if you have it on hand. Apply with an artist’s paintbrush to your clean facial skin. Lay down and relax for 30 minutes while the mask does its work, then rinse off and pat your face dry.

You also can use freshly squeezed lemon juice or orange juice. Pat on your face, let dry and then rinse off. The antioxidant in these fruits will revive tired skin. — Maria K., Los Angeles


Dear Heloise: I have a good job that pays well, but I never have gotten rid of the belief that I should save more and spend less. I go to a lot of secondhand shops in wealthier areas of my city to buy clothing and even furniture. I’ve picked up designer outfits and handbags for next to nothing. I’ve been able to pick up items that have never been worn. It’s a great way to stretch a dollar in this time of inflation. — Terrie L., Morris, New Jersey


Dear Heloise: While I was in the hospital for surgery, my husband thoughtfully took over all the household chores. One of his hobbies is collecting and wearing baseball caps from various teams. He noticed they were soiled, so he decided to clean them ... in the dishwasher. He said he had heard of this somewhere and decided to try it. The caps, all 15 of them, came out clean and unharmed. Have you ever heard of this sort of thing before? — Elsa P., Southern Pines, North Carolina

I’ve cleaned items besides dishes in my dishwasher. I’m glad to know everything came out OK. — Heloise

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